Things You Need To Know About Child Support Post Divorce

Family law and public policies provide child support, which can also be understood as child maintenance, for the financial benefits of the infant or child, on a continuing, yearly payment by the parent after the conclusion of marriage, or any other sort of partnership. Which parent makes a child custody lawyer duly decide this payment. 

This parent will provide child support for the care and maintenance of the child or children of the partnership that was terminated or never existed in the first place, either directly or indirectly. Child support is not tax-deductible or a taxable income. Hence, no reporting requirements are in effect. Nonetheless, parents must take care while reporting children as tax dependents.

Child support often comes into the picture after a divorce, marital separation, or determination of parentage. 

Till What Time Can One Claim Maintenance For The Child?

The parent with whom the minor child, i.e., the child below 18 years of age, stays, mainly the mother in most cases, can claim this child support until the child is dependent on her to pay the regular fees, child care, etc. 

This means that until the child is studying and cannot earn on his ends, the woman can claim financial support from the father.

She will, of course, have to provide some sort of proof in the court of law and justice that the child is dependent on her and is not able or not qualified enough to earn a living. In case of any queries, one must visit the child custody lawyer.

What Should Be Done If A Parent Does Not Pay Or Fails To Pay Child Support?

The suitable method to report someone not paying child support is to contact the local Department of Social Services office or the local Clerk of Court’s office. It is a woman’s legal right to seek the child’s maintenance. Suppose the husband has the financial ability to support the child but fails or refuses to do so. In that case, a first-class magistrate can order him to pay a monthly maintenance amount that is sufficient and enough to take care of the child regarding the fees, clothes, education, etc. A child custody lawyer is always at help in case of such istanbul escort issues.

The Bottom Line 

Finally, it is imperative to note all your rights for your child before signing a divorce paper. It is always better to know your advantages and benefits in advance. However, you must understand that this is in the best favor of your child and not take the above for granted. 

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