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Things To Do While Exploring Mumbai

It’s challenging to keep up with Mumbai’s speed. We’d say it’s nearly difficult. There are so numerous activities to explore in Mumbai that even pondering about what to do requires a break.

Mumbai has everything, from peaceful retreats to high-octane thrill rides. If you’ve seen all of Mumbai’s traditional tourist attractions, you could begin to wonder what further there is to explore.

Because of its heritage, age, and numerous cultural assimilations, this location has become a gathering spot for individuals from all over the world. This also implies that there are numerous things to participate in this region.

  • The Arabian Sea is a beautiful place to sail.

Given that Mumbai and the water are associated, one of the most enjoyable things you could undertake is to take a sail on the Arabian Sea. Enjoy a ferry ride and enjoy the panoramic beauty of the ocean. You can visit Elephanta Island not just to see the wonders of ancient rock-cut structures, yet also to enjoy the freshness and serenity of the water.

If sailing on a sailboat with a bunch of people isn’t your favourite activity then hang on. There’s a lot to come. You can take a speedboat or a boat with various features. Elephanta, Mandwa, and Murud Janjira are common locations. The Gateway of India serves as the beginning location. 

Boats can also be rented for particular events such as weddings, engagements, and celebrations. Premium sailing is popular, and you may appreciate the Arabian Sea’s views in absolute peace. Whereas boats cost somewhere between INR 60 to INR 150, private yachts can cost anything from INR 4000 to INR 35000.

The greatest season to boat at sea will be during the summertime, when the water will be reasonably tranquil. After that, you can make a reservation at The St. Regis, Mumbai for staying purpose.

  • Visit Elephanta Island 

When you’re out on the water, take advantage of the chance to explore Elephanta Island, which is only a one-hour boat ride away. The Gateway of India is the region’s initial step. The Elephanta Caves are a wonder of architecture that has survived the test of centuries. Especially if you are n’t fascinated in the heritage landmark, you can definitely visit the area for hiking or just to get away from it all. This would be one of the most exciting excursions you can do in Mumbai.

The best time to explore the place is all year, except during the monsoon season, when the water is turbulent and the waves are severe.

  • Take a Bollywood Tour 

What good is a vacation to Mumbai unless you go on a Bollywood visit? With behind-the-scenes situations, get a peek inside the internal workings of the nation’s biggest film business. There are organizations that specialize in providing day-long excursions of studios and locations where filming is going to take place.

The greatest time to go on this tour is at any time of year.

  • A stroll along Marine Drive in the evening

Enjoy a stroll down Marine Drive when you’ve had enough of purchasing and touring, or even if you just desire to enjoy hardly anything. This beautiful street connects Nariman Point and Malabar Hill and is associated with Mumbai.

When looked at nighttime from a high observation position,  the street lamps on Marine Drive form jewels in a necklace, gaining it the nickname “Queen’s Necklace.” Stroll along this length of beachfront, enjoy Bhelpuri and other snack cuisine, and stand close to Chowpatty Beach. You’ll visit Walkeshwar, which is residence to most of Mumbai’s wealthy and successful, if you stroll a little more far forward.

  • Local Cuisine at Chowpatty and Others

Although we highlighted Chowpatty Beach before, we wouldn’t be doing it right if we didn’t highlight the street cuisine. Words are inadequate to convey the variety of cuisines available in this Mumbai roadside food center.

This is perhaps the nicest site in Mumbai for street cuisine, with the waves breaking in the background and the salty fragrance of the ocean in the atmosphere. Begin with the famous vada pav, a meal beloved throughout Maharashtra. Paani puri, batata vada, misal pav, sev puri, and bhel puri are some of the local delicacies to try.

Minara Masjid and Bhendi Bazaar are two excellent spots to enjoy meat while wandering the sidewalks. Finding a wide variety of foods will never be a problem. The only limitation may be getting the time and desire to consume so much food and then you can stay at The St. Regis, Mumbai.

During the year, the ideal opportunity to consume street cuisine in Chowpatty and other locations is at any time.

  • Food served in Parsi Coffee shops

While we’re on the subject of food, you wouldn’t be doing equality for Mumbai if you didn’t try Parsi cuisine. The Parsi population is an important element of Mumbai, as evidenced by their cuisine. Food is treated very seriously in Parsi culture, and as a result, Parsi cuisine abundantly incorporates all elements, including Gujarati, Iranian, Goan, and British traditions.

Beri Pulao, Saas ni Macchi, Parsi mutton cutlets are just a few of the dishes that will change the way you think about cuisine.

Parsi cuisine is warm and delicious at any period of year.

  • Essel World is worth a trip

When you are traveling India with friends or children, you should not skip out on experiencing Essel World, one of India’s most popular tourist attractions. This park offers a variety of exhilarating attractions, including Hoola Hoop, Crazy Cups, Rio Grande railway, and Caterpillar. 

Essel World also includes Water Kingdom, India ‘s earliest water playground. When you join the Essel World, you would not experience the hot weather.

Summer is a great season to explore Essel World since you can avoid the hot air while having a good time.

Considering how much the town has to give, it’s difficult not to form a relationship with it. Although the aforementioned list is only a small sample of the type of wonder that this city of dreams has to offer, we hope you enjoy yourself when you’re there.

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