The Only Speed Cube Resources You Will Ever Need

Looking for a way or a one-stop destination for speed cube resources? Well! I have got just the right thing for you.

If you are someone who is looking for a place to help you figure out everything that you need to know or have to transition from a cuber to a speedcuber, then keep reading, as this article will help you understand and provide you with the best resources that will be extremely useful for your transition.

A speedcuber is the one who can solve a cube in just mere seconds. It’s a seasoned cuber whose fingers run as fast as a bullet train.

So, if you wish to be a speedcuber and break several world records then the first thing that you will need to do is practice. Practice a lot, day in and day out, and there is no shortcut to becoming a great speedcuber other than practising.

So, now that we have been briefed about a vivid facet of speedcubing let’s dive into the resources that you would be needing to become a great and wonderful speedcuber.

The only speed cube resources you will need –


Know about the competitions and the world records that are out there. Understand the competitors and the people who broke the records. And work towards breaking the records. Critically analyze the approaches that the participants in the competitions use and go ahead with. This will be your own resourceful guide of the best algorithms which is used by the best speedcubers out there.

An online portal that will tutor you on your speedcubing

Cubeskills is one such portal that will help you understand the process of speedcubing and will tutor you around your speedcubing. It will help you with algorithms and will also help you with easy instructions that will provide you with a step by step guide on how to speedcube and work around your cube.

Online cubing timers

An online timer will save you a lot of trouble. A timer such as CSTimer is an online platform that will help you to time your speedcubing experiences. It also shows you the timings of different competitors, this will help you to understand your preparation level. Thus a timer with a rating, what better right?

Cubing blog

A great cubing blog is an equally necessary element like others as a part of your resources. A blog will help you keep updated with the latest trends and news that will keep you informed and aware of everything in the cubing world. This will help you understand everything about the new things and the outdated things in the cubing world. Moreover, it will also keep you updated about new inventions.

Algorithm database

There are several algorithm databases on the internet presence that you can go ahead with. These databases will have numerous algorithms for different cubes such as an axis cube, a mastermorphix, a ghost cube, and many more. Moreover, the databases also have algorithms that pertain to all the levels such as the beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Cubing forums

A cubing forum will help you to discuss new algorithms and cubing methods. Moreover, it will also help you to interact with other cubers and expand your learning and horizons through these forums. Moreover, these forums help in getting aware of different competitions and tournaments and will keep you informed. Moreover, you would also make great friends with whom you could go out and cube while hanging out.

Cubing tools

There are several speed cube resources having cubing tools out there that could make the whole speedcubing experience enhanced and more productive. Some of these tools are Visual cube viewer, alg trainer, Make your own cube mosaics and many more. These tools could make the whole cubing experience more fun and vivid for the user.

All of the above resources are a great way to start your speedcubing journey. All of the above resources could be kept with yourself and can be used time and again to make the whole experience more learning-oriented and exciting in every way.

Moreover, you never know that maybe you end up breaking records through your speedcubing practice and talent. And with the amazing resources, you would definitely have an edge over your competitors. So go ahead and try your hand on speedcubing.
Also, it is imperative to note that nothing and no resources can beat a good practice. Thus if you are looking to win your next championship

Happy Cubing!

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