The Main Purpose to Use Tiki Torches in Newbern AL

Nothing can be more satisfying than outdoor torches to make the backyard more festive and light up the night. Or if you want to raise the mood for an alfresco event, tiki torches Newbern AL serve as the best bet. Events like backyard barbeques, outdoorsy weddings, or friends’ or family members’ drinking sessions require the exclusive setting. And without any doubt, Tiki torches effectuate these longings with the utmost perfection.

Believe it or not, there is something so quirky with the flickering flame coming from the Tiki torches. The sightseer catches himself in an exciting mood soon after he glances at those flames. The perks of Tiki torches are not limited to what has been encapsulated earlier. The further discussion entails other benefits of the torches as well as some other aspects related to it. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the crux of the discussion.

Getting Into Tiki Torches and Everything In Between

Alongside offering perfect ambiance, Citronella fuel-lit torches are also a source of fending off mosquitoes and other nighttime crawling creatures or pests. Moreover, they don’t cost a fortune and come at very reasonable price points.

Not only can you use them to liven up a backyard or a BBQ party, but you can also use them on beaches too. If you want to transform your outside premises into sultry heaven, don’t forget to have one in your possession always.

From the above-mentioned discussion, it is pretty evident that for illuminating dark gardens in conjunction with dispelling pests, there could be nothing better than tiki torches Newbern AL.

Above all else, they are easy to use and come in varying styles, namely gaslight torches, solar-powered torches, and oil torches. The oil or fuel torches made of bamboo are the most popular since they can behave as temporary and transposable decor pieces.

What Do You Need To Consider Before Choosing Your Tiki Style?

From the above discussion, it is clear now that the craft of torches is carried out to suit a variety of tastes and applications. The different materials used in the craft are copper, bronze, and even stainless steel. It means users need not stick with plain bamboo Tiki torches any longer.

The functionality of each craft is the same, so whatever the material, rest with ease because you will witness the same level of features.

If you think those bigger Tiki torches will guarantee bigger flames, you are mistaken. The size of the flame and the amount of illumination depends upon the wick size, which is hard to measure since the majority of the fabricators don’t itemize it.

Note: In the presence of pets and children, the torches should be higher.

The Working of Tiki Torches

Some of the tiki torches Newbern AL are attached to a gas line and can be switched ON and OFF with a basic switch. If we consider solar-powered torches, they have a fake “flame” lit up from the energy sourced from the Sun. Oil or fuel Tiki torches bear a reservoir placed at the top of the torch responsible for clamping fuel oil or fuel. The torch is ignited with a lighter or a match.

The majority of the people attach them to the ground to increase light. If you are about to achieve this placement, ensure that the torches are placed a fine six to eight inches into the floor to keep them upstanding.

The Types of Tiki Torch Fuel

The Tiki Torch Fuels are categorized into three types:

  • Paraffin Oil
  • Bio-ethanol based fuels
  • Citronella-based fuels

Are There Any Alternatives To Post-style Tiki Torches?

Are you willing to know whether or not there are some ways to steer away from the conventional torch? Here is the answer. The below-mentioned two categories will help you stray from run-of-the-mill torches.

Table-Top Tiki Torches

The difference between regular Tiki torches and table-top Tiki torches is that table-top torches bear no post. Instead, these charming little entities sit on an even surface, similar to cosmic candles. The functionality is the same as their large counterparts.

Deck Rail-Mounted Tiki Torches

If you want something to border the edge of an enclosed deck, Rail-Mounted Torches will be the perfect option. These models are fabricated to stick to a deck or wall, requiring no posts.

Both of these options provide a quirky and unanticipated placement of a Tiki torch.

The Precautions to Use Tiki Torches

Here are a few tips that you need to consider at the time of using Tiki torches.

  • Avoid burning the Tiki torch inside your abode, as the fumes can increase and turn toxic. Moreover, if you have lit it in an enclosed vicinity, the nearby objects can catch flames.
  • Don’t keep the fuel storage near torches.
  • Make sure that your torches are not lit unnecessarily.
  • Make sure that you have at least one chemical-based fire extinguisher at your home to tackle accidental uncontrolled fires.
  • Never touch, move or handle an ignited torch. If you move the hot torch, the fiery wick may re-lit the fuel when pushed around.
  • Don’t ever top up the reservoir to the maximum level.


It is of no two opinions that Tiki torches spruce up outdoor spaces. The fact that they come in a slew of designs, you are spoilt for choices to make. Whether it is a metal torch, a glass torch, or a bamboo torch, each option has specific pluses and drawbacks. Moreover, in rainy weather, you can still keep it in your vicinity; however, you will need to find the right type. Solar-powered and metal torches can survive the driving rainstorm, while bamboo and wood Tiki torches are less likely to act nicely in the mentioned weather.

Bets are, you would have become a fan of Tiki torches until now, and if so, shop from the store that is all ears to your requirements!


My name is Nancy Billard, I am Armenian, born in Georgia, I studied fine arts before going into fashion and getting my BFA in New York. I am an ex-fashion designer/stylist/creative turned fashion curator and content creator.

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