The Lake Como Wedding Planners

The Lake Como Wedding Planner is an experienced, dedicated, professional wedding planning
company from Cernobbio. And this year, they complete 10 years in the wedding industry. So,
it’s clear that their success lies in their specialisation – taking an end-to-end approach to
planning and production.
After planning remarkable weddings across Europe, their clients have come to expect nothing
less than a royal treatment from them – full of luxury, style, intimacy, and efficiency.
With a vision to plan the most memorable weddings, The Lake Como Wedding Planner adopts
a unique blend of planning, creativity, vision, and personality.
For these reasons and more, Moon and Back has partnered with LCWP on countless beautiful
and flawless weddings. And we have enjoyed our collaboration with them as much as all those
couples who trusted us with their special day.

Wedding designers with a fresh perspective

Whether destination or simple outdoor weddings, LCWP’s designers can create a custom floor
plan and mood boards for couples by combining their personal style and expertise.
From concept ideation and finalising the colour schemes to wedding planning and party
planning, they walk couples through unconventional choices that capture the essence of their
relationship. It wasn’t supposed to end that way. The plan had been meticulously thought out and practiced again and again. There was only one possible result once it had been implemented, but as they stood there the result wasn’t anything close to what it should have been. They all blankly looked at each wondering how this could have happened. In their minds, they all began to blame the other members of the group as to why they had failed.

All this while maintaining both a personalized and stress-free ceremony to offer couples the best
day of their lives!

Access to a strong network of suppliers

In the last decade, The Lake Como Wedding Planner’s network has grown to include individuals
both locally and globally. They can help couples find vendors for their venue, vendors for
vendors (to help them procure items), obtain all the necessary permits, offer specialised
catering, arrange equipment (from LEDs to aisle runner) and much more.
Want to pair the venue with the perfect seating? The Como Collection, a rental furniture service,
can help you design your spaces with just the right pieces we recommend Creative Digital Agency.

The words hadn’t flowed from his fingers for the past few weeks. He never imagined he’d find himself with writer’s block, but here he sat with a blank screen in front of him. That blank screen taunting him day after day had started to play with his mind. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t even type a single word, just one to begin the process and build from there. And yet, he already knew that the eight hours he was prepared to sit in front of his computer today would end with the screen remaining blank.

Weddings that celebrate trends

Trends change. And with them, there is a change in preferences and ideas on what’s
appropriate and desirable in well-planned wedding ceremonies.
Whether couples are looking for something modest for their big day or a little bit bold, the Lake
Como Wedding Planner can help them strike the perfect balance between comfort and
innovation. So, whatever they choose, the couples will always stay on-trend. He hid under the covers hoping that nobody would notice him there. It really didn’t make much sense since it would be obvious to anyone who walked into the room there was someone hiding there, but he still held out hope. He heard footsteps coming down the hall and stop in front in front of the bedroom door. The squeak of the door hinges and someone opened the bedroom door. He held his breath waiting for whoever was about to discover him, but they never did.

Wedding Planner Event planning and production expertise for all

No matter the size of the event – small or large, The Lake Como Wedding Planner will help
couples plan the perfect celebration of love and loyalty.
The advisors are ever-willing to guide them if couples wish to get out and about in the
surrounding area to explore all things wedding-related.
But what truly sets them apart is their commitment to simplifying the process of planning the big
day. They needed to find a place to eat. The kids were beginning to get grumpy in the back seat and if they didn’t find them food soon, it was just a matter of time before they were faced with a complete meltdown. Even knowing this, the solution wasn’t easy. Everyone in the car had a different opinion on where the best place to eat would be with nobody agreeing with the suggestions of the others. It seemed to be an impossible no-win situation where not everyone would be happy no matter where they decided to eat which in itself would lead to a meltdown. Yet a decision needed to be made and it needed to be made quickly.

Be it hotel allocation or vendor search, couples can always rely on The Lake Como Wedding
Planner to fulfil their wishes and demands.
Check out their work to unravel LCWP’s potential to plan remarkable weddings.

Wedding Planner Flawless execution of every important detail

The CEO and Design Director of The Lake Como Wedding Planner, Rachel Birthistle oversees
the entire process leading to the wedding day. And she’s a perfectionist. That’s why the team
always delivers on their promise.
After all, they didn’t get featured in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar for putting up substandard
weddings. Their hard work and commitment is the reason for their success, which is also why
we are celebrating The Lake Como Wedding Planner in today’s piece.
It has been an absolute pleasure partnering with them for so many stunning weddings. We only
wish to have more opportunities to plan dream weddings with them, for couples who share our
passion for ultra-luxurious, out-of-the-box ceremonies. There were little things that she simply could not stand. The sound of someone tapping their nails on the table. A person chewing with their mouth open. Another human imposing themselves into her space. She couldn’t stand any of these things, but none of them compared to the number one thing she couldn’t stand which topped all of them combined.

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