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The importance of examining the retina

The retina is an important component of the visual system. It provides image perception and information transfer to the cerebral cortex. This organ allows you to perceive surrounding objects in three dimensions.

Retinal problems lead to visual impairment. In the absence of proper treatment, complete blindness occurs. Diagnostics of vision will prevent the development of negative processes or allow you to get rid of the disease.

The need for a preventive examination of the retina

If abnormalities are detected in the early stages, the patient is more likely to maintain vision and avoid surgery. Neglected cases lead to retinal tears and detachments. The prolonged absence of therapy complicates the treatment process and contributes to the occurrence of irreversible changes. Sometimes surgery or laser coagulation is required. To avoid complications, it is necessary to carry out systematic examinations. Retinal treatment is a necessity, so it is worth taking this issue as seriously as possible.

People from the risk zone should be careful:

  • patients with myopia and complicated myopia;
  • pregnant women;
  • people over 50;
  • patients suffering from diseases of the kidneys, adrenal glands, diabetes mellitus, and hypertension.

Remember that dealing with a rapidly progressing disease is difficult. It is much easier to get rid of the problem in the early stages of development.

Ophthalmologists recommend checking the condition of the retina in the following situations:

  • transferred infectious diseases;
  • treatment of traumatic brain injury;
  • elimination of the consequences of mechanical damage to the eye.

Before performing laser vision correction, it is required to check the condition of the retina. This will eliminate the risk of complications after surgery.

Diagnosis of diseases of the retina

Optical coherence tomography is a way to accurately diagnose retinal diseases. It detects changes in the early stages without direct contact with the cornea. The method provides a detailed examination of the structure of the retina. Accurate data readout eliminates errors. During the examination, the following abnormalities and diseases are diagnosed:

  • edema of the retina and its localization;
  • retinal degeneration;
  • glaucoma at an early stage.

Special equipment helps to identify the sites of retinal tears.

Computer diagnostics allows you to save research data and subsequently follow the dynamics of the development of the disease.

Alternative diagnostic methods of the retina

Ophthalmologists recommend that people from the risk zone be examined systematically. Self-diagnosis is carried out using special tests involving the use of cards and tables.

with an ophthalmologist. In a specialized clinic, you will undergo a range of research, including computer diagnostics. Private clinics promptly carry out the necessary examinations and diagnose. This speeds up the healing process and prevents complications from occurring. It is better to see an experienced doctor than to treat complex retinal diseases.


Reception and consultation with an ophthalmologist

An optometrist is a specialist who treats diseases of the eye organs. The task is to diagnose the disease in time, choose the appropriate treatment, prevent the development of the disease, or cure it, if it has already occurred, the main task is to preserve the functions of vision. The synonymous name of the specialty is ophthalmologist. The field of the ophthalmologist surgeon includes a full range of interventions

How often and in what cases do you need to consult an ophthalmologist?

The vast majority of eye diseases are derived from other diseases and conditions,
for example, atherosclerosis, hypertension, renal failure, allergies, diabetes mellitus, pathological pregnancy. Changes in intraocular pressure can also lead to a number of serious problems. Therefore, for the slightest deviations in well-being associated with vision and eye health, you need an ophthalmologist. Chelyabinsk is one of the cities where accurate hardware diagnostics

In addition to directly impairing vision, a mandatory visit to a doctor is required in the following cases:

  • inflammation and swelling of the eyelid mucosa;
  • the opacity of the cornea;
  • redness or dryness of the white of the eye;
  • deformations of the pupil of any nature – expansion, constriction, etc.;
  • the sensation of a foreign body in the eye;
  • increased tearing, purulent discharge.


Reception of an ophthalmologist is also necessary for:

  • increased eye strain (for example, during daily work at a computer or a driver);
  • planning and monitoring pregnancy.



Our ophthalmologists today possess all modern methods of vision treatment, as well as a whole arsenal of high-tech equipment for diagnostics and operations. Also vast experience in the surgical treatment of vision problems. Therefore, do not rush to go to the capital to get advice and treatment from a “competent” ophthalmologist.

At the appointment, the doctor must:

  • assess the condition of the lacrimal ducts and eyelids:
  • study the position of the patient’s eyeballs and assess their mobility (identifying possible strabismus);
  • to investigate the state of the pupils, to determine their reaction to the effect of a stream of light;
  • to examine the fundus for the purpose of a possible diagnosis of diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, hydrocephalus;
  • carry out the skiascopy procedure, determine the degree of refraction. Refraction is the refractive
    Simply put, during the examination, the doctor will determine the presence or absence of myopia, astigmatism, or hyperopia.
  • reveal the ability to distinguish between colors.

medication, physical, electro- or laser therapy, they will recommend spectacle, contact
or laser vision correction, other types of microsurgical operations,
and advise a set of exercises to strengthen the eye muscles.
the ophthalmologist will write out referrals to the appropriate specialists.

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