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The Essentials for a Boho Chic Wardrobe

The Boho Chic outfit is a trendy style for women these days. It’s an effortless outfit, inspired by the bohemian and gypsy fashion styles of the 70s and 80s. 

Boho chic entails free-flowing dresses adorned with delicate prints, usually paired with flat shoes and large, dangly sunglasses. It is trendy among young students, but it’s also suitable for business outfits. If you desire to style yourself in a boho-chic outfit, then you need some essential and fashionable pieces from women’s boutiques that will help you steal the show!

Must have essentials to curate a boho chic wardrobe 

Rock N Roll with a maxi dress

If you choose this for your boho-chic outfit, then all eyes will be on you! This is because the maxi dress makes a bold statement. It’s also perfect for creating an effortless style. The Aztec Maxi Dress features a beautiful print that creates a bohemian look ideal for your boho-chic outfit.

The dress comes in a few different colors, so you can easily pair it with a denim jacket or a shawl for added warmth! Typically, the maxi dress is worn ankle-length, but this design features a split that reaches just below the knee. It’s ideal if you want to add some sexiness to your outfit. Dresses and heels are usually reserved for formal occasions, but you can adapt this outfit to create a chic boho look. 

The practical boho tote bag – Furnish in leather

When styling yourself in a bohemian or gypsy outfit, don’t forget your handbag! The boho-chic outfit is popular among students, so you’re likely to carry books with you.

The Boho Vagabond tote bag comes in several different colors, but the tan shade is perfect for creating an effortlessly bohemian look. It’s made up of faux leather and has pockets that are great for organizing your essentials. 

This means you won’t have to rummage around in your bag when you want something, which is perfect if you want functionality with your boho-chic outfit.

Knit Cardigan – A classic look with warmth!

A knit cardigan is also essential for your boho-chic outfit. It’s a practical way to keep yourself warm without looking drab.

The knot neck cardigans are perfect for achieving the bohemian look because they’re adorned with beautiful embroidery too.

These are usually worn over t-shirts but can also be worn over maxi dresses for added warmth. Knit cardigans are generally associated with grandmothers, but you can easily make them stylish by pairing them with other bohemian pieces like crochet tops.

Dixton Western Ankle boots

The Pendleton Dixon Western Boot ~ Ariat Turquoise

The final piece for your boho-chic outfit is a pair of lace-up ankle boots. Ankle boots are often associated with business outfits, but they can easily be adapted for a boho look. For example, you can wear them over dresses or jeans if you want to create a casual style. 

If you are going for a more glamorous look, then pair ankle boots with a fitted dress. It is quite essential in your bold feminine wardrobe. The Dixston Western Ankle boots are perfect for creating boho-chic outfits because they are also adorned with beautiful embroidery prints. They come in black or brown, so you can easily pair them with your favorite outfit.

Wide brim hat – Style is superior

Can you go wrong with a wide-brimmed hat? We think not! A boho-chic outfit is perfect for summer, so why not wear a hat to keep yourself cool in the sun.

These hats are usually worn in the countryside, but they can easily be styled in an urban setting. You can even pair them with your boho maxi dress for added style points.

Wide Brim Hat comes in a number of different colors, which means you can choose the one that best suits your outfit. It’s also made up of straw, making it lightweight, so you won’t get hot when wearing it. 

Boho chic is perfect for creating a laid-back style that’s ideal for summer. Just think of hippies who love to wear maxi dresses and wide brim hats!

Western crochet top 

The Fall Nights Sweater

Why not wear a stylish sweater top when it gets pretty cold to keep yourself warm. These western tops for women are normally worn over t-shirts, but they can also be layered up on top of each other for added warmth on those extra chilly days.

Crochet or sweater tops are also normally worn with jeans and flare jeans in women, so why not try this trend?

This pretty crochet top features long sleeves. It’s also adorned with beautiful pearls and color blocking design, making it perfect for achieving the boho-chic look. They are normally worn in the country, and they’re perfect for pairing with boots and flares.

Denim fringe jacket 

The Bronco Fringe Jacket

If you’re looking for a trendy denim jacket for girls to complete your boho-chic outfit, then check out this denim fringe jacket from a trendy online boutique. It’s perfect for adding flair to your outfit, and it comes in blue, so you’ll easily find the color that suits your style. 

Fringe jackets became popular with cowboys, and they were often worn over a checked shirt. The fringe on the jacket would blow in the wind as they galloped across the plains.

This bohemian-inspired jacket is the perfect way to create a boho-chic outfit. Pair it with some jeans and sandals, and you’ll be all set for summer! You’ll find that the embroidery on this shirt makes it ideally suited for wearing on special occasions, but you can wear it casually too.

Boho broad/layered jewelry 

The Senora Squash Blossom

Layered jewelry is a must-have for your boho-chic look! You can wear up to 3 necklaces together, or you could simply wear just one. Try wearing long beads with chunky wooden beads dotted around them. It is the ideal way to create a unique look, which is sure to impress.

This pretty necklace comes with wooden disks on it, and it’s made from high-quality material, so you know that the quality is amazing. So why not team this boho-chic necklace with some jeans, boots and you’ll be ready for any occasion.


Boho’s chic style is becoming increasingly popular as people stop following fashion and creating unique looks. Nowadays, the term boho-chic means different things to different individuals. So why not give this trendy look a try and shop from a women’s clothing online boutique? And why not step outside of your comfort zone and start creating a chic boho look which is perfect for you? Time to create our own style.

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