The Dos and Don’ts of Junk Removal 

It’s become unavoidable that everyone accumulates junk over time. It’s certainly well worth it to do a general cleanup once a year. Every year, you’ll find items you haven’t used after all and maybe there are some clothes you can let go of. Ultimately, nothing lasts forever and something will always outlive its purpose throughout that one year. If you’re renovating or moving, it’s the most convenient time for junk removal. You can downsize and directly enjoy your new place with less baggage. To make your process more effective, you should look for professional service in your area.

Don’t think you can finish it all in one day

The best of us have been there and tried it, but junk removal doesn’t work like that. Unless you live in a tiny studio you, just won’t be able to do it within a day. How long the process might take completely depends on the size of your home, how much clutter you’ve got to go through, and how much time you’ve got.

Do one room a day

Decluttering your entire home can turn into quite an overwhelming task. Hence, it’s best to tackle one room after another. You have two approaches at your disposal:

  • Start with the largest or most cluttered room
  • Start with the least cluttered room

Most people recommend starting with the smallest room with the fewest clutter. The reason simply is that you’ll be done with it in a jiffy. The quicker your start proceeds, the most pumped you’ll be to go ahead. Others think starting with the largest, most cluttered room is more beneficial. You can start in one corner and see progress quickly which will also keep up your motivation. The decision at which end to start remains with you.

Do split up difficult rooms into sections

Large and extremely messy rooms will give you a sense of never being able to organize them. Split such rooms into four sections and do one section at a time. Ignore the other three sections as you’re on it and focus on just the one. It’ll make your work more manageable and you’ll feel less overwhelmed.

Do ask friends and family to help

Especially when you can’t afford professional services to simply haul out all your clutter, help from friends and family is extremely valuable. Doing junk removal with someone can also help you to reflect whether you’d still need an item or not. If you do it on your own, you easily tend to keep things you don’t actually need any longer. It’s often just sentimental reasons or feelings of guilt as you spent a fortune on an item. A decluttering project can also serve your bonding and you could have a bbq at the end of the day.

Do create categories

When it comes to junk removal, you’ll probably find some long-forgotten treasures which could be the treasure for someone else today. Take boxes for the following categories: to keep, to sell, to donate, and to get rid of.

Of course, simple garbage works also work quite well. Put everything into the donation box which you don’t use anymore, but is still functional and in good shape. Broken pieces obviously need to go away. If you’re not sure about some items, you can put them aside and make a decision about them when you’re done with the room or the section. Only add items to the sale box if you know that you can sell those items within the next few weeks. 

Don’t blindly let go of everything

Even if your sofa or side table doesn’t look like much anymore, it could still serve a purpose. A new coat of paint and maybe a new home for it will do just fine. If you find old cartoons or trading cards and other collectibles, you could make a nice dime on the side. 


Don’t dump your junk on the side of the street

At a first glance, it may look like the cheapest option to just dump your junk on the side of the road. But that’s not only careless, it’s also illegal. You can receive quite a hefty fine for dumping junk somewhere as you please. 

Don’t put your junk next to the trash bin

Municipal waste management services that come around to empty your bin are not responsible for junk piles. They will surely take a bag of kitchen junk that you placed next to your bin outside. However, they won’t collect electronic goods, furniture, crates with books or magazines, and other clutter. If you don’t know where the next dumping site is, contact a junk removal service and schedule a collection.

Don’t burn your junk either

If you’ve pulled out furniture, it’d be a rather bad idea to make a bonfire with it. Firstly, you’d have to be sure it’s made of proper wood. Most modern furniture is made with a veneer which creates toxic fumes once it burns. You could end up with severe health consequences for breathing that toxic air. It’s not exactly environmentally friendly either. Moreover, your junk bonfire could get out of control and burn down your house (plus your neighbor’s)

Don’t Have a Go at Heavy Lifting

As long as you only have some manageable boxes or bin bags with clutter to get rid of, you’ll be fine moving it. Just don’t attempt it at bulk and heavy items like china cabinets, beds, or sofas. Do you still have one of those very old TVs? Nope, don’t try lifting and risk breaking your back. That’s what professional services are there for. They’re trained and experienced to handle such difficult items. 

Parting Words

If you sort out your junk, you’ll make it a lot easier for junk removal services to haul away your trash. Try to stick to some categories, such as electronic waste, glass, cables, books, and so on. To save space and thus make the hauling a tad cheaper, put smaller items into boxes that fit at least loosely a category. Your crate with old books might have space for some old magazines.

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