The consequences of COVID-19 on education

The pandemic is getting worse worldwide, the virus is becoming stronger, and its spread is fast. Lockdowns were about to remove when the third wave of the coronavirus took place everywhere. Most countries have found the containments for stopping the spread of the virus, but the virus is still spreading massively. With a situation like this today, it is risky to open schools, colleges, and universities. Now the consequences of the coronavirus are too much the education. Schools, colleges, and universities are trying to adjust to the situation and are continuing the education.

What is this virus, and why does it cause so much damage?

The virus COVID-19 is a family or group of viruses that attack through a normal cold or fever, a Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). The first person with the virus was found in China’s city Wuhan in 2019, December. As the virus spreads in a body, it is difficult for the living thing to breathe and results in death if the patient does not get a cure in time. The patient is kept in isolation and under the observation of a doctor. The deadly virus spreads very fast from one person to another and can spread to animals as well. After the first case in China, the virus is rapidly spreading worldwide, and it is becoming more powerful with time.

Everyone around the world is having a hard time since the pandemic as every country is under lockdown. Businesses are facing losses, and poor people do not have jobs. People are under stress because of losing so many because of the disease, and they are worried about their children and parents. Everyone is taking extra care of their health as the virus is very contagious. While the vaccine is under process, people have to wear masks when they go out for any emergency and sanitize their hands regularly; also, people have to keep their houses clean from any kind of dust. It is also dangerous and can let the virus spread.

Schools are closing due to the risk

From 2019 the education sectors face many issues as students cannot go to schools, colleges, or universities. Due to the lockdown, the public place does not have the allowance to open as the virus spreads faster in a public space. The schools, colleges, and universities are continuing the education process through online classes. More measures are taking place since the outbreak; the first is social distancing and the event timings are under a limit, and people are under quarantine in their homes. Coronavirus has a huge impact on education today, so there are alternatives that the education facilities are applying to save the progress of the students, which is essential. Students have to plan out their future and cannot stop their education due to the consequences of the disease, so certain ways can help the education go on in such a critical situation.

Alternatives while the education centers are close

  • Consequences Online education

Students are taking online classes from home. Teachers are giving lectures through their laptops or computers. Both teacher and student must have a device or equipment and online tools like applications or programs for video calls for the classes. It will help the teacher and students connect online for conducting and taking classes. The internet connection is also the most important part that has to be proper so that the link between the tutor and student is complete for the class online. There are other ways that students are implementing to carry on their education. They are using the online programs that help them as a tutor, and they study independently. But not every education sector is successful in continuing the education as some of them cannot afford the equipment or services for online classes. so education does not stop there.

  • Online programs

As the consequences of the pandemic continue, many educational systems are advertising their online programs. They are free of cost so students can join it easily and study from home. Many are offering courses and advertising them so that students can join them in the lockdown. They also provide websites for online courses and notes that students can easily open and study from their computers, mobile phones, tabs, or laptops and even print them out for ease. Online dissertation writing service UK is also helping students in continuing their education in this crisis.

  • Care from parents

Parents are playing an important role with kids at home. Even if online classes are going on, parents have to keep their kids ready to sit in a presentable way in front of the screen as the teacher can see them. There are specific timings, so they have to be online on time. To set up a proper schedule, parents give proper attention and care to their child’s academic requirements.

Now among these, all the alternatives, the impact on education is equal to the changes. Online classes are not completely adequately taking the education process that it should be.

  • There are delays in some important procedures such as standardized testing and admissions. These are delaying because of too many school days missed.
  • Due to the changes in the setup, switching things is taking time, and semesters are delaying.
  • One of the consequences Low-income families cannot manage the new form of education because they cannot afford the technologies.
  • Students are having concentration problems because of new methods of learning. The students with ADHD have issues along with the teachers who are finding it difficult to interact with such students.
  • Network issues are taking place due to weather changes or issues in the cable.

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