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The Best Press Tool Manufacturers For Your Business

Precision metal stamping is the process of transforming a blank or coiled metal sheet into a pre-specified component or part. The metal stamping industry is worth billions around the world, valued at $238.4 billion in 2018. At a CAGR of 3.9%, it is expected to grow to $289.2 billion by 2023. Metal stamping has a range of applications across almost every manufacturing industry around the world. It is ideal for producing complex components in large volumes. In the stamping process, metal sheets progress through different stations of a stamping press. The press is fitted with different stamping tools that perform different operations on the metal. Once the final component is shaped, it is removed from the press. Stamping tool manufacturers can help you meet your requirements. These manufacturers vary in the technology they use, size of their team, industry experience and the related secondary services they offer. 

Here are some of the top tool manufacturers names around the world.

Eigen Engineering:


Eigen Engineering is a press tool manufacturer that began operations in 2006 and is based out of Bangalore, India. This location gives Eigen easy access to a strong network of reliable third party vendors and several major ports of Western India. It has a track record of credibility and trust after delivering multiple successful projects to different clients across the world.

This manufacturer owns an in-house tool room, which means it has greater control over the entire execution process. It does not need to outsource tasks because its in-house capabilities abound. Eigen also has an experienced team of skilled professionals and experts. They offer services like the manufacturing of prototyping tools and progressive stamping tools, other manufacturing processes like plastic injection moulding, and secondary services like electroplating.

Interplex Holdings Pvt Ltd:


Interplex Holdings is a Singapore-based press tool manufacturer that was started in 1970. It specializes in highly specific solutions (build to specification and build to print). They offer high-quality output for a range of industries helped by a team of qualified professionals. Their primary service offerings are tight tolerance stamping, high precision stamping, light gauge stamping and close-pitch stamping. They use the progressive stamping methodology to give a cost-effective output.


American Axle and Manufacturing Holdings Inc:


This stamping tool company has its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, USA. It began operating in 1917 and is running till today. It uses a range of technologies and tools like Quantum axles, AWS applications, PowerFilm lubricant and PowerDense gears to power its services. Smaller USA-based tool manufacturers tend to have a local or national audience. However, American Axle and Manufacturing Holdings has its clientele spread across the world. 


Prismatic Engineering Pvt Ltd:


Prismatic Engineering started operating in 2007. This component manufacturer also offers electrical component manufacturing services. Their product manufacturing specialization includes making filter chokes and power transformers using ferrite cores.

Prismatic Engineering also has a trading division that began in 2008. They operate through their Bangalore-based facility which has an area of 923 square metres.


Magna International Inc:


Magna International Incorporated started its operations in 1957 and is headquartered in Ontario, Canada. It is a metal stamping manufacturer that not only manufactures but also designs, develops and delivers systems and assemblies, specifically for the automotive sector. 

Magna signed a contract with Stadco in 2015. Stadco is a UK-based supplier that works with Ford, Land Rover and other auto giants. Their primary offerings are automobile engineering and contractual manufacturing. Magna has a strong presence in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and North and South America.


Acro Metal Stamping Co:


This stamping tool manufacturer is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. It began operating in 1947 and offers a diverse range of service offerings like precision stamping and custom metal stamping, along with secondary services like electroplating and welding.

Acro owns an in-house tool room that gives them more control over the designing, manufacturing and engineering of on-demand tools and components. Their clientele is spread across North America.




Forgeavia is a French tooling and manufacturing company that offers die forging and stamping-related services to the Defence and aeronautics industries. Forgeavia uses different metals and alloys like aluminum, bronze, Inconel, titanium and others to design and create parts. 

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How to Choose a Stamping Press Tool Manufacturer?


A portfolio of current work and client testimonials can tell you a lot about a manufacturing company. Also, check for the size of their team and their capabilities. You should also ensure that they use the latest tools and technology to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.


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