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The Best Animated Explainer Videos Companies to Help Kickstart Your Business

Video content is leading the digital marketing sector. This is why it isn’t surprising that so many providers have sprung up to the opportunity to fulfil the growing demands and needs of B2B and B2C businesses. These businesses don’t have the required talent, experience and know-how to create a truly compelling animated explainer video for business. Animated explainer video companies make videos that can get your audience to take notice and pay attention to your offerings. To make sure your money ends up in a video that really promotes your marketing efforts, we’ve compiled a list of animated explainer video companies that will boost your business.

PitchWorx – The Best One Stop for all types of Animated Explainer Videos

PitchWorx is a creative design agency based in the NCR region, India. They have 1500 minutes of animation minutes in their kitty and help brands to communicate with their clients using impactful visuals. With over 500 plus videos, the people at PitchWorx know how to incorporate storytelling into business messaging. They take your corporate ideas and translate it into a design-centric approach that has a human touch to it. The creative team takes the client’s approach into account and delivers explainer videos that can support vernacular requirements as well.

 Yum Yum Videos – Creativity

Yum Yum videos have a great team of creative minds, marketers and artists that make sure that they create wonderful pieces that their clients will love. They create fully customized animated explainer videos that are tailored to the needs of the client’s marketing goals. Their production process is detailed and takes the customer’s feedback into account. Apart from that they also provide an integrated video marketing strategy to enhance client branding.

Demo Duck

Demo Duck has a team of people that are dedicated to the work they do. Everything from scripting, to storyboarding and animation is handled in house. They make several styles of business animation videos like stop motion videos, whiteboard animation videos, motion graphics videos, etc.

Sandwich Video

If you’re looking for a video agency that specialises in live-action videos then Sandwich video is your go-to agency. This studio handles the overall production process from start to end- scripting, shooting and editing. Along with that, they also provide help with distribution techniques like promoting your video through different channels.

Epiheo Animation Studio

This studio is one of the oldest video animation companies and they have a highly capable and experienced team. Since they are one of the first studios to have offered explainer videos, they have a very systematic way of making their 2D animation videos. They begin by first creating a proposal. Their videos are based on the aspect of storytelling which is a very important technique if you want your audience to stay hooked.


Thinkmojo creates a variety of business animated videos. Like social media videos, educational videos, short films, business animations, video presentations and a lot more. Their focus is to build viewer experience. Thinkmojo has worked with several brands like ZenDeck, Slack and Google Fiber. This animated explainer video company believes in creating beautiful experiences using video content.


Explainfy believes that life is too short for long stories. Hence this animation agency focuses on creating explainer videos for business that are easy to understand & simple. They love working with startups and small businesses to help them increase their conversion rates and promote their products.

Blink Tower

Blink Tower is a company based out of South Africa and makes animated explainer videos for businesses. Their in-house team has all the designated roles. They have creative directors,  producers, illustrators, account managers, etc. They make animated explainer videos for non-profit organizations along with big, small and medium-sized companies.


This animated explainer video company creates different types of videos- explainer videos, screen-cast videos and interactive videos. They’ve been available in the market since 2011. Since then the company is known as the top animation agency. And are making hundreds of business animated videos all the way from England. To ensure their videos are quality checked, the company offers unlimited revisions in every stage of their animation production process and offer a fixed price  to maintain a standard.

Switch Video

This is an animation agency that creates business animated videos for every kind of company be it tech-startups, non-profits to government institutions. They believe that any kind of difficult concept can be made simple and explained easily through a business animation video. They make motion graphics videos, whiteboard videos and all kinds of animated videos for business. They’re known for their punctuality. They stick to their deadlines, keep the client informed and complete all parts of the job before the client even gets a chance to ask them twice.


So here are some of the best animated explainer videos companies which have a great fan base from all over the world. They not only make Video animation services and Animated explainer videos but also give life to them so that your business can boom.

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