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The Best Activities To Experience In The Central Park

No matter which season you choose to visit Central Park, this Manhattan’s major green space has so much to offer. Don’t wait! Find out the best VIP central park tours and get ready to have fun…!! 

Central Park is one of the most visited parks for a reason. From lush green trees, man-made statues, and artificial waterfalls, to numerous activities and what not this park has to explore. The castle, zoo, gardens, Lake, fountains, and cafes are among the beautiful sights of the park. While tourists and locals alike enjoy Central Park’s varied lawns, walking routes, trees, and picnic sites, the park also holds big events such as huge summer concerts and theatre performances, as well as the yearly Winter Jam festival. There are plenty of reasons to visit Central Park, but here are a few of our favorites to get you started. So, let’s discover the best things to do in this massive tourist place!

Stir things up with a boat on the Lake

The Lake is one of the most beautiful places in the park, offering you to stir things up and have an adventurous boating tour. You can take a romantic paddle around the Lake and explore the beauty of the surrounding trees. Don’t worry! It won’t cost you much. You can easily rent a boat for one hour for $15, each additional 15 minutes $4, plus a $20 deposit. After taking the boat ride, you can taste seafood delicacies such as fish, crab cakes, salads, and wines at the Central Park Boathouse Restaurant, which offers a gorgeous view of the Lake.

central park zoo

Go horsing around at Central Park Zoo 

Central Park Zoo is the perfect place to forget about humans and find beauty in the majestic creatures of this planet. Red panda, sea lion, penguins, snow leopards, and what not you can find in this zoo. The cute animals at the Tisch Children’s Zoo, which is adjacent to the main zoo where you can get personal with pot-bellied pigs and goats, will appeal to animal enthusiasts. Take part in the daily feeding of the sea lions and penguins at the Central Park Zoo, and watch snow monkeys leap across rocks. Believe us, if you have kids, it would be the best experience for them to feed small domestic animals.

Get prepared for hiking in the Ramble 

The Ramble is one of the most peaceful and calming places in the park. This is one of the park’s secrets that not everyone finds; you’re likely to find less crowd in this area. Being filled with dense trees and a rough landscape, the Ramble is an adventurous place to have a little hike. There are 36 acres of twisting trails, boulders, and streams here, ready to be discovered. It’s also the city’s best bird-watching site, with many of the park’s 230 species on display.


Walk on a path covered with gorgeous cherry blossoms

The gorgeous blooming trees of cherry blossoms are one of the most beautiful seasonal indicators that spring has arrived in New York City. Guess again if you believe the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is the only spot to see those lovely pink-petal trees! However, there are a few more lucky places in the city where you can see cherry blossoms, and Central Park is one of our favorites. Beginning in April, hundreds of cherry trees bloom along the Reservoir. The Yoshino cherry trees in the park were brought directly from Japan as a gift. However, now the park has more than 1800 trees beautifying the path of the Reservoir.

Sheep Meadow

Have a relaxing picnic time at the Sheep Meadow 

Sheep Meadow is one of the finest places in the park, covered with a lush green lawn. It’s the place where you’ll find most people picnicking and having fun with their loved ones. This place is the savior when you’re tired of exploring other sights. So, throw your bags on the ground and get ready for people watching while sitting under the shade. Sheep Meadow, the pastoral 15-acre area, is located along the park’s southwestern edge. Expect thousands of locals, frisbee-throwing men, guitar sing-alongs, and numerous handstands attempts to take over the area on weekends. We recommend arriving at 11 a.m., when the field opens, to ensure a shady location.

Pay a visit to the Alice in Wonderland statue

The Alice in Wonderland statue is the most popular statue with a huge figure in the park. Don’t be alarmed if the kids climb all over this bronze statue of Alice and her friends; that’s exactly why it’s there. Children have examined the larger-than-life figurines since 1959. Next, make your way over to the Conservatory Water, where you may sit on a seat and contemplate life’s meaning while watching motorized miniature sailboats rush by.

Experience adventurous skating at Walmart ring 

One of the advantages of living in New York City is that you never have to wait for the carnival to arrive. Instead, when the weather permits, visit the Victorian Gardens for an all-American day of cart rides, funnel cake, and shows by magicians, jugglers, and other entertainers. Once winter arrives, you may go ice skating or watch a hockey game. Ice skating is the most fun thing you’ll do in the park during winter. Whether you go with your family or a bunch of friends, don’t miss this activity.

Enjoy the beauty of nature around the Mall 

The Mall is the perfect place just to walk around and cherish the beauty of nature in the park. Without a tower in sight, you can actually feel like you’ve left the city behind for a moment. You’ll be under the shade of one of North America’s largest stands of American Elm trees. It used to be a location where you could stroll on your Sunday best, but today it’s a place where many artists and performers set up shop. However, it’s a terrific place to sit on a bench and spend an afternoon watching the fascinating oddities of the people around you unfold.

Final thoughts 

Didn’t you find these activities interesting? Of course, you did. So, now is the time to pack your bags and have an adventurous tour in one of the biggest parks around the world. If you want to explore its every sight and experience every activity, VIP central park tours are the best way to go. Don’t think about it much, the park is ready, just for you. Book your tour now!

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