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The best 9 refreshing drinks in the hot summer


It is especially a refreshing drink to drink with your friends on a hot summer afternoon, in the summer or on a sunny day at the weekend.The best 9 refreshing drinks in the hot summer

Therefore, when you are thinking about your summer vacation and what part of the day you should do, do not forget to think of something that will make you drink better.

Drinking water and other nutrient-rich alcohols is the best way to beat the heat. It is important to choose the right drinks because if they are not suitable, you may die of dehydration.opinion-nytimes

9 Drinking heat-resistant beverages reduces thirst

Here is a list of 9 refreshing drinks in the hot summer that will help you stay calm.

1. Soft drinks Water

With water, coconut water can be replaced. Its sweet taste is complemented by soft drinks and cola. Unlike sugar drinks, sweets do not have to save your health.


It is the main source of potassium.
Helps prevent drought, drowsiness and stress.

2. Titi or lemon paste

The aroma and smell of chopped lemons awaken you and give you energy. Add a little salt and honey to the lime juice for this sweet and sour mixture and stir the buds once more to taste. This citrus juice can rejuvenate you, even if you are a little thin!


Helps your body produce immune fluids to prevent depression.
The acidic form of lemon helps to remove dirt from the teeth.

3. Urine butter – Drink piki

A long glass of butter is what your doctor ordered to keep you warm during the summer. This is simple and effective for keeping your body in shape. Yogurt is a great food. All you have to do is dilute it, add a little salt and a cold drink to help keep you warm.


This will help you to fix bug fixes by isolating your system.
It is an important source of vitamin B12, calcium and potassium.
It also helps with cancer and nausea.

4. Cocum water

Drink this healthy drink on a hot summer day and always wake up well. While coconut warms the body, the ingredients are light when added with cooking sugar or tea or tea. It does not satisfy the thirst, but it also satisfies you not to be a burden.


This water is recommended for appetite problems, joint pain and upset stomach.
Coffee and raw fruits.

5. Melon water

Do you need alcohol or water? What kind of business are you looking for? Honestly, you really do not know whether you are eating or drinking watermelon! Anyway, every bite is 90% water! Instead, watermelon juice is a way to get rid of all the hot nerves in your body to warm you up instantly, physically and mentally.


Helps with drowsiness and anxiety.
To cure small diseases on hot days. And this is good.

6. Water with sugar

People living in temperate and growing climates are welcome in the world. You can add different spices, lemon, mint leaves and ginger to enhance the taste. This will improve your taste buds. This is one of the top 10 refreshing drinks in the hot summer.


Cold cups with powdered sugar to support quickly.
Helps upset stomach and digestion.

7. Bael Serbet or wine or apple tree

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Pour two glasses of cold water and let it soak for about an hour. Dissolve 200 grams of cardamom in water and let it dissolve. You can now soak the wooden apples until they are completely submerged in water. Collect the seeds and take the remaining pulp. Mix the mixture well if you like. You can add some fresh mint, black salt or lime juice.


Its elegance helps reduce impotence.
This is food aid.
Strengthens the immune system.

8. Machines

You can try a mixture of leaf and fruit spices by mixing blue drinks and soda to avoid the heat. Try smooth peaches or smooth pines.


Fruit juice is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins.
They will help you to increase your potential and your stamina.
9. Carrots and lemon oil in body
Mix starter in two cups of water in a blender and 3-4 chopped carrots. Collect the lemons to taste.


It is a good source of vitamins A and C and other minerals.
Nourishes and heals skin, hair and nails.
Helps prevent seeding.
Si hu Panik
Staying clean is important for staying warm and healthy. Excessive sweating causes your body to water.

While water is a very important gas for thirst, you can try other summer drinks that not only quench your thirst but also make your body feel better.

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