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The benefits of celery for your body

The benefits of celery for your body

When it comes to categorizing vegetables by nutrition and health benefits, celery tops the list. It is refreshing and perfect for summer. It can be eaten raw in salads and is ideal for suppressing the appetite. But other than that, did you know that celery has more benefits for your body, see the next article for more information.

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What are the effects of celery on the body?

This versatile vegetable is ideal for rich winter soups and summer salads. A super strong combination that contains a lot of magnesium and iron! It nourishes the body’s cells and provides the full amount of sodium needed to function properly.

In addition, celery is rich in calcium and has been shown to be very effective in strengthening bones in the elderly. That’s not the only benefit. Helps convert inorganic calcium and chemically processed and modified foods into organic forms.

Eating celery with a healthy diet maintains the best functioning of body systems and prevents diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, varicose veins, heart problems, hemorrhoids, kidney and gallbladder problems.

The sodium in celery increases blood flow and lymphatic flow, preventing the blood from becoming too thick or too acidic.

This vegetable helps women regenerate their bodies and replaces the iron and calcium lost during menstruation and breastfeeding.

Clear Rich Smoothie Recipe:

2 celery

Cup of raw spinach

2 peeled carrots

3 almonds (or 1 cup oatmeal)

straight ahead

Peel the pumpkin, grate and cut into small pieces. Then put it in a blender or food processor along with the other ingredients. Stir and drink immediately. I have enough energy to run a marathon (I don’t know if I can win, but I can participate).


Celery and skin

Need more reasons to eat celery? Well, you should know that celery improves the appearance of the skin and prevents the tired appearance caused by a poor cellular diet (such as sleepiness and poor diet). ..

Regular intake of celery and carrot juice (in equal amounts) nourishes the skin and mineralizes the body. An ideal natural tonic for health both inside and outside the body. Especially on the eyes, you will see the effect.


2 celery

5 Lots of Bliner


straight ahead

Finely chop everything and put it in a blender with a little water. Stir well and swallow immediately. Even better on an empty stomach. This drink is refreshing in summer (you can add ice if you like). Not only does it look great outdoors, it also helps reduce stress and anxiety.


If you want to look younger, healthier, and more energetic, try these foods that provide your body with organic calcium:


Fresh vegetables

Fresh fruits, especially citrus fruits



Pure honey





Are you ready for a celery smoothie?

If none of the options on offer are appealing, here are some ideas if you don’t like eating celery in salads and soups.

Celia, carrot and lemon smoothies

This recipe can help people suffering from high blood pressure.


6 celery

2 carrots

2 lemons



Cut the celery into large pieces.

Peel a squash, grate it and chop the carrots.

Peel a quarter of a lemon.

Stir and mix everything in a blender (you can add a small amount of water).

Drink now. Sweet spoons of honey if you like.

Celery, cucumber and kiwi smoothies

All the green ingredients improve digestion and make you feel better.


4 celery

1 cucumber

2 kiwis


Finely chop the celery.

Peel a squash, grate it and cut it into small pieces.

Peel a squash, grate it and cut it into 4 equal parts.

Put everything in a blender and mix until smooth.

If it is too thick, add water.


Celery, pineapple, orange juice

If you want to be thinner and get rid of toxins that affect your skin and health, try this recipe.


2 celery

3 slices of pineapple

2 orange juice



Finely chop the celery.

Cut the pineapple slices finely.

Squeeze the orange juice.

Put everything in a blender and mix well.

Strain and add some ice cream before drinking and more refreshing.

What are you looking for? Add these recipes to your diet to maximize the benefits of celery for your body.

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