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Ten Ways to Increase Student Engagement During Admissions

Ten Ways to Increase Student Engagement During Admissions

Let’s take a look at 10 ways to increase student engagement during the admissions period.In the past few years, educational institutions have begun to opt for technology that serves as a support in overall academic and administrative management. Among all other important tasks, admission, recruitment, and registration are the most important. Institutions should select student engagement activities that promote admission to the best prospects. Read more about school ERP

Reaching target student enrollment is not an easy task. This includes less time-consuming New Age learning activities. According to InsideHigherEd’s College and University Survey, 60% of community college admissions officers and 55% of private bachelor college admissions officers are interested in meeting their student admissions goals. Read more about School management software

Let’s take a look at 10 ways to increase student engagement during the admissions period.

Efficient communication and inquiry process

Admission to any educational institution involves a variety of tasks, the first of which is the inquiry process. It must be efficient with an error-free communication process. An effective communication process should be attractive, easy, engaging and collaborative.

The inquiry process should be quick and easy. Modern students need solutions that fit their pace. Text or video feedback is an attractive way to communicate with learners and build peer collaboration networks. Organizations need to understand that solutions such as ERP/SIS can automate the inquiry process, making communication smooth and error-free.

Participate in pre-registration activities

After successful enquiry, the institution should focus on pre-registration activities. Direct help in turning inquiries into admissions. Advanced students require the following pre-registration activities:

  • Choose technologies such as portals and mobile applications to engage with students
  • Self-service support form available
  • More collaboration with the best candidates
  • Focus on solving all questions related to students


Effective pre-admission process

It is also one of the key steps in the entire admissions process. Many universities and institutions of higher education prepare advance admissions procedures in order to systematically coordinate the admissions process. However, educational institutions must take immediate action to clear potential questions from students from a variety of sources and convert students into prospective students.

The pre-admission process should be designed to be attractive and attractive, helping to enhance student engagement activities.

Using social media to attract students

Today’s generation is full of mobile phones, websites and social media. They just ask for an easier and more trendy solution for all your needs. Modern education leaders must use social media to connect and engage with their students. Using the power of social media will make it easier for institutions to inform, inform and welcome new students.

Segmentation and Prioritization of Inquiries

Speed-to-lead is an important factor in improving registration. Contacting students within a minute of submitting an inquiry increases their chances of conversion. In this case, if you respond immediately, you can convert your leads to enrolled students soon. It is not a good approach to process all inquiries in the order they are received. This is because there is a risk of losing a strong candidate due to a late response. Segmentation and prioritization of inquiries is helpful in these scenarios.

The registration management platform tracks all interactions. We classify candidate profiles based on this information. The system can then prioritize them based on candidate and staff availability.

Now, at this stage, prospective students may not always be able to reach you by phone. In this case, the enrollment CRM sends an email to the student and a follow-up notification to the admissions team/call center.

Keep your website up to date

The website is considered the online address of the legal entity. Educational institutions should have a modern website with all the necessary features. You must stay updated with all the latest information, news and updates available to your institution. The most necessary factor for this is that in this highly competitive era, agencies need to keep their websites SEO-friendly and update them according to their keyword search rankings.

Leverage responsive mobile applications

Today’s high-end generation needs all the information, notifications and updates on their phones. Institutions should use responsive mobile applications that allow faculty, parents, and students to view and upload all information online.

Reduce response times using automation

Education leaders are encouraged to achieve automation in their institutions. Automation can reduce response times. Increase your institution’s overall productivity by aligning all academic and administrative tasks and reducing response times to all tasks.

Using the analytics dashboard

Universities, colleges, schools, and educational centers contain enormous amounts of data and information that must be stored, managed, and organized so that they can be accessed at any time. Manual intervention by agencies complicates this process a bit and sometimes creates a data breach situation.

Automation is the best solution for this. Technologies like ERP/SIS can help educational institutions with efficient analytics and dashboards. You can systematically protect all your data and information. It can also help faculty and students in the long run by providing many opportunities for better data collection and analysis.

Increased reliability in every job

Competition among educational institutions is fierce in the new era of learning. Therefore, in order to have a place in the ecosystem, institutions must utilize technologies and methods to increase reliability in all their operations. Various technologies can improve all operations of an institution and increase productivity, some of which could be ERP, SIS and LMS. Depending on your institution, you pick the best and work accordingly.

Enable multi-center capabilities for multi-campus management

Academic institutions often find it difficult to manage admissions operations across multiple campuses. This includes a lot of data and information that must be shared effectively and efficiently. To manage student engagement and seamless data management, educational institutions must use the multi-center capabilities included in their ERP software. Benefit from the ability to manage multiple organizations with one software.

How can Academia help institutions efficiently improve admissions and student retention?

Academia is the premier solution for educational institutions and may be the only learning solution with all major institutional management features and features.

To facilitate admission:

Academia offers the ability to attract freshmen by running a variety of campaigns across social media, websites and other platforms. The easy online admission process and program selection also play a role here.

Student Retention:

A robust analysis of academia helps here. Analytics and Reporting are powerful tools for analyzing student retention. Graphs and reports can help education management make the best decisions to achieve transparency and increase student retention.

Still looking for in-depth information on improving admissions and student retention. Request a free demo and explore the full product range.In this Ways we can Increase Student Engagement During Admissions

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