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Tape Data Recovery Tool to Recover Data from Damaged Tape

Tape storage is a data storage system that uses magnetic tape as the recording medium.

As data volumes expand at an exponential rate around the world, tape storage is the best option for large-capacity data storage. Tape storage is utilized not just for backup in the event of a system breakdown, but also for long-term data archiving.

Although disc storage is becoming more popular for backups, the significance of tape storage is once again being recognised. Due to the rapid growth in data amounts and the attributes of magnetic tape.

Digital data tape backups are used by most companies to preserve critical systems, but while most tape formats provide outstanding long-term durability, they aren’t ideal. If the tape backup fails, it needs data recovery with cutting-edge technology and years of experience to handle the case properly.

Since some cassettes might suffer further harm after a failure, one should seek professional help as soon as the signs of data loss are noticed for damage control.

Tape data recovery services are indeed a boon in retrieving data from damaged tapes

Data recovery tools usually restore the data within a few days, regardless of the tape has been damaged by poor storage conditions, hardware failures, unintentional overwrites, or any other source.

The  common causes for tape damage

Even though tape has a long shelf life as a data storage medium, a lot can go wrong and render the data on it inaccessible. The following are the common causes of tape damage and data loss.

Physical damage

Tapes are highly susceptible to physical damage.

They are damaged by natural calamities, dirt dust, and various other physical factors

Data corruption

Operational errors, expired tapes, tape mishandling, or unexpected overwrites produced by inserting the wrong tape are all examples of corruption.

Software updates

Data on tape cannot be read by new applications or servers as a result of software upgrades.

The process of tape recovery

  • In-lab assessment of the tapes is the first step towards data recovery
  • Tape and tape drive recoveries are done in dust-free cleanroom facilities.
  • Proprietary techniques are employed to read and recover around any physically damaged sections.

The benefits of tape recovery services

  • Tap recovery tools are quick to install, easy to use, and have a  simple interface
  • Designed with advanced algorithms for speedy scanning of tape drives
  • Compatible with an array of operating systems
  • Enables retrieval of data that was lost accidentally
  • The recovery process is hassle-free and easy

Features of tape recovery tools

  • Tape recovery tools provide tape backup and recovery services for all types of data formats, including VXA, DDS, SLR, DLT/SDLT, DAT, and LTO, in any size, file system, or compression ratio.
  • Real-time updates make you aware of the recovery progress. Users may see all of the important data right away, helping them to plan ahead of time.
  • Tapes can be converted, recovered, or duplicated with these tools. It also helps in recovering data from damaged tapes, restoring backups, converting, or duplicating tapes in a matter of minutes.
  • As data is kept on discs, recovery is far more reliable and faster than with tape media.
  • Data is organized into well-named folders, making it easy to find the data.

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