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Swimming and flexibility, does it influence something?

If you want to train swimming on a regular basis, you must take into account the development of all physical capacities, including flexibility. Find out why.

Basic physical abilities are broadly linked to most, if not all, sports disciplines. This occurs due to the different movements that the body performs when making any technical gesture related to sport. Talking about swimming and flexibility is practically a must.

Generally speaking about swimming and any basic physical ability is the right thing to do in and out of training. Remember that this sporting discipline can also influence the physical and psychological development of the human being without the need to be strictly trained -therapeutic and recreational swimming also influence-.

Swimming and flexibility, an inexhaustible relationship

Swimming is a sports discipline carried out on various aquatic surfaces that requires physical efforts to be carried out in a timely manner. Balance, strength, endurance, agility, and flexibility are the main abilities involved with this sport.

In this case, reference is made to flexibility, one of the basic capacities of the human being and one of the most relevant in the development of daily life. But what does it have to do with swimming?

Physical flexibility ability

Before relating swimming and flexibility, it is necessary to know what this basic physical capacity consists of and why it is so important for the body.

Flexibility is part of the basic capabilities of the human being and is widely related to the joints and muscles. Its capacity depends on the type of joint that the body segment has and the elasticity of the muscle groups that affect movement.

In other words, the shoulder joint has greater flexibility than the knee joint due to the amplitude it can provide during the execution of any movement.

Why is it linked to swimming?

If you are a person who loves to practice swimming, you probably understand the importance and how flexibility influences it. However, it is worth clarifying and taking it into account.

This sport is made up of a series of movements in which the joints and muscle groups play a relevant role. The joint width allows the different technical gestures of swimming to develop in a timely manner.

If there is no well-done flexibility work, injuries are very likely to wreak havoc on the body, and, therefore, you will not be able to swim regularly.

Benefits of flexibility in swimming

Working on flexibility to practice swimming will not only favor the health of the body in general but will also provide a series of benefits for the practice of the sports discipline itself. These are the main positive aspects:

Execution of the technique: as mentioned above, if you have adequate flexibility, the execution of the technical gesture will be timely and will improve your results in the water.

Injury prevention: the greater the ability of the joint and muscle to execute a movement, the lower the probability of injury to the body segment. At least when it comes to movement and flexibility.

It contributes to the development of other capacities: in the body, physical capacities work as a whole, especially in a discipline such as swimming. If your flexibility is in good condition, strength, endurance, and other capabilities can be more capable when performing any movement.

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Swimming and flexibility should be trained

Both swimming and flexibility should be trained regularly. To improve in both aspects, we advise you to have professional advice and, above all, monitoring. A well-developed routine is not enough if you don’t do it properly.

However, swimming must have a schedule other than flexibility. The best thing to do is to develop two different swimming and lifeguard training routines, which are fully emphasized in each aspect.

This does not mean that you should not work swimming and flexibility together, quite the contrary. However, all work sessions in swimming should not be emphasized in this physical capacity, but in each one of them. Do not forget to advise yourself, work hard and do everything that the professional tells you in the area so that your development is optimal.

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