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Simple Tips to Find the Best Yoga Training in India

What do you think is the simplest formula to have the best yogic experience? Well, you can have it by joining the best yoga training in India. Why India though? Because nothing comes at par with India when it comes to delivering the true yoga knowledge to the world. However, India is a vast nation with plenty of cultures, traditions, and yoga schools popping up at every corner.

So, it becomes utterly impossible to choose the one that is perfect for you. Moreover, the chances of getting stuck in the wrong place increase by many folds. However, there is one simple trick to ensure you join the best of the best yoga training schools. For that, you should apply the following mentioned simple yet effective tips. Let’s roll further.

Simple Yet Effective Tips to Choose the Best Yoga Training in India

Know About the Certification

A major characteristic of the best yoga training in India is yoga certification. Therefore, before enrolling in any yoga schools, make sure it is registered with the Yoga Alliance Certification.

Every person in the yoga world knows the significance of the Yoga Alliance. It is one of the major entities without which your yoga training might not reach its peak. Hence, double-check whether the yoga school that you have selected is Yoga Alliance registered or not. If not, do not join the school.

Location is Very Important

Once you have ensured the yoga school is registered with the Yoga Alliance, location is another major element that contributes to your yoga training. Whether you choose 200 or 500 hour yoga teacher training in India, location plays a vital role.

So, it all depends on your personal choice whether you want to practice yoga in mountains, on a beach, or in the woods. Just remember, whatever location you choose, it will affect your yoga practice. Make sure you stay away from noisy or overcrowded locations.

What is the Batch Size of the Class?

No matter how much great your yoga school is, if you need to fight for the attention of your yoga teacher, everything is going to be in vain. You have to steer through a lot of yoga practitioners who will be equally demanding of the yoga teacher’s attention. Is there any solution? Yes! You can choose a yoga class that has a low number of students.

The major benefit of choosing a small-sized class is that you are going to get personal attention from the yoga teacher. With that, you can clear all your doubts and questions in an instant. You no longer have to wait for your turn. In the end, it automatically helps improve your yoga training.

Yoga Style Mastery

Different yoga schools offer lessons in different yoga styles. Some have mastery in a single yoga style. In that case, you might be at risk, so take a back step if the yoga style taught is different from the one you wanted to learn. Further, it will not only impact your yoga training but also waste your time and money.

So, before joining any yoga school, you must thoroughly research the availability of different yoga styles. Make sure you join a yoga training in India that offers more than one style. It will help you to opt for some other style in case you are not aligned with a particular yoga style.

Space For Nature Excursions

Nature excursions are there to offer you mental and physical rest. Not just that, these excursions help expand your thinking and perception of the world. You live with people from varying nationalities and this further expands your perspective about dealing with different problems in life.

Hence, whatever yoga teacher training school you choose, make sure there are timely nature excursions. Otherwise, you won’t have any time for yourself. If that is the case, what’s the point then. You don’t want to stick to just yoga practice and leave other important parts of your training.

Schedule of the Class

When it comes to the yoga classes, ask about the schedule according to which you’ll be practicing yoga. It will give you a rough idea as to how much time will be there for your personal yoga practice. .


The above-mentioned are just a few tips that you can follow to join the best yoga training in India. Make sure you follow them to end in the right place for your yoga training and reach the peak of your practice.

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