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SecuredVC Review 2021 – Pros and Cons That Define This Broker

Picking a forex firm that is secure and fits all your trading needs can be hard. I have been through the torturous experience myself and this is why I can understand what most of you are going through. We have seen scammers rule the forex world for a long time now. It all started when traders massively ran to adopt the online firms which allowed you to access all under one roof and that too from the comfort of your house. With the increasing demand, we saw more imposters heading to the market.

Such firms have newbies on target all the time. It is because of the fact that many young people are not in a habit of carrying out thorough research before making decisions and this is all these treacherous firms are looking for. They tend to trap you all in the flashy features which seem great but in reality, they have nothing good to offer you. Always remember that if you make the right choice now, you can reach unprecedented heights in no time.

In this tough trading journey, I have been through many firms and all of them proved to be equally horrible for me. This experience allowed me to closely observe how things go at firms that are not concerned with their customers and their financial benefits. When I first joined SecuredVC, I was surprised by the amount of transparency exhibited. This is one feature that clearly indicates if the firm is trustworthy or not. Going through the entire website itself and talking to my seniors who were already using the platform, I realized that this firm was worth the shot. It is obvious that when you sign up first, you are unsure about your choice and so was the case with me but quickly the platform managed to satisfy me with their up to the mark services.

I am writing this review because I am often questioned why I chose to go for this one and what makes me stick to it for this long. I feel like this cannot be answered in a few seconds because this platform has offered me too much in a small time. Although putting it up all here is beyond impossible, I’ll try to cover as much as possible. So, let’s begin having a quick look at the SecuredVC’s pros and cons.


  • Security at SecuredVC is something I have never worried about because I was always aware of the fact that the administration of this platform is most concerned about the security of your hard-earned money and your private information. I have been through the legal documents which touch all sensitive matters such as privacy, risks associated, anti-money laundering stance, terms and conditions. Reading these all gave me an increasing satisfaction. While going through the disclaimer, you’ll see clearly mentioned that the services by the platform aren’t available in given areas such as the United States, Cuba, Syria and North Korea. This is a measure taken just to ensure the assets if the rest of the customers are not vulnerable to any attacks. All these years, I have never heard of any security breaches or cyber-attacks.


  • SecuredVC offers you a wide range of tradable assets which include Crypto, Commodities, Stocks and Indices.  This has allowed many traders to explore new options and maximize their profits. Back when I joined the forum, I was only a commodities trader but thanks to SecuredVC, I have tried my luck in stocks. Last year, I bought Netflix stocks and I made a profit of around 15%. I must say it was a nice deal. A friend of mine invested in another famous firm’s stocks and this helped him increase his profits by 32%. A few years back I made my first crypto deal and it was also with SecuredVC.

SecuredVC Review

  • I have found the website of the company is highly user-friendly. You can easily make use of all the offered features even if you are a new trader or someone who is not into technology. This is because the website has been designed keeping in mind the fact that all sorts of traders from all around the world make use of the webpage so it should be easy to navigate for all. It is particularly applaudable how the important options have been highlighted to make them prominent on the dark backdrop. Also, the text colour, font, and style make the text easily readable. You will also find an arrow at the bottom which takes you to the top in a click and such options make using the website fun and a smooth experience.


  • They offer traders a whole range of accounts; VIP, Platinum, Gold and Self-Managed. This is done in an attempt to ensure that you get all the features that you need without having to pay for unnecessary features. The Self-Managed account is the cheapest and has been designed for young ones to make sure they get well acquainted with the profession and the webpage. You can easily upgrade to higher accounts once you feel like now your business requires more. I have been a Platinum account holder for years now and I must say I am satisfied with offered services. This is the highest account that you can join with a deposit, the VIP account is invite-only. Overall, I feel like the segregation of the forum is just but I would love to see the Self-Managed account holders getting access to Webinars.


  • The FAQ section of the website is also very comprehensively put out. It touches all the important areas such as Account Opening, Support, Trading and payments. Once you open it, you’ll realize that this section has been made engaging by adding drop downs and embedding important links.


  • I would also like to appreciate the web designers for incorporating the date and time bar at the top which always helps me take timely decisions.


  • One thing that I have been noticing since the start is the small number of dialects made available. Although it has not bothered me, I am sure many traders all around the globe must be waiting for the website to be available in more languages. It runs in English by default which is great considering that it is one of the most widely spoken and understood languages but this will never eliminate the need to add more options.


  • The dark blue background of the website is another thing that I want the website to change. A dark background can make already boring trading operations very hard. The chart reading and evaluating process in particular becomes super hard. I know many people who find it more mature and stylish than white backdrops. Keeping in account their opinion, a button can be added which lets one customize the theme.


  • The eBook section in the education segment is good in terms of the way it caters to all sorts of traders experience-wise but I want the section to be updated more often. Currently, a total of 12 books are available on the portal. I would also suggest that these eBooks are open to being downloaded because one might not have access to the internet all the time.

SecuredVC Review

  • The customer care section of the website is also something largely appreciated but it has some minor flaws that I would like to point out. Although the representatives are highly professional and skilled the area which needs improvement is that they are not available the entire day and also not on the weekends. Since traders make deals all the time and hence they keep coming across problems all the time. This is why the operational hours should be maximized. Also, the calling option is only for traders who are residents of the United Kingdom and Australia. This bothers the ones who are not used to typing their messages and complaints.


  • Like I have already discussed above, the account features section is good but I want to point out some things that can be worked on to improve it further. When you get a Self-Managed account you have to pay €250 minimum to get started. It might seem small to you but there are many traders who can’t afford even this much. This is why I would suggest that the platform makes the account either free or at least cheaper.

The Final Words

I have been a satisfied customer of SecuredVC for years now and I have not come across a single reason to consider leaving it. In fact, I have seen my profits maximize like never before. Also, the platform provided me with an optimal trading environment which has also allowed me to learn all that courses cannot teach. I feel like it has all the properties and qualities that a long-term partner must-have. I hope you all have an idea by now that no platform is free of flaws but you need to see which one suits you the best.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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