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Rooftop Restaurants a New Trend In The Hotel Business

To many people, the concept of a rooftop restaurant is quite aesthetically pleasing, and so is the idea of having a fine dining experience on a rooftop. It all became popular in the late 1880s. When rooftop garden theaters became a huge source of summertime entertainment for people in major cities all across the urban skies. A rooftop setting for a restaurant isn’t just appealing in terms of fun, and the dining experience. But is also a great place where private events can be hosted. It’s quite easy to advertise a restaurant with rooftop seating. As people enjoy such places, so be ready for people to show up.

The Downside to an open-air Restaurant

The only downside to an open rooftop restaurant would be the rainy season. So consider that possibility, and be cautious of it. But that problem too isn’t the end of the world, you can get an awning of an umbrella that is reliable enough for the weather and doesn’t affect too much of the customers’ experience.

Architecture and Interior of Rooftop Restaurants

The decorations and the design or the architecture of the place play a vital role while expecting people to show up. It doesn’t just end on the fact that there’s an open airy sky above the people. There needs to be aesthetic and pleasing decoration for the people to not just enjoy the rooftop restaurant for its food. Make the place look interesting to visit again. Don’t let it get too dark for the night. Get good lighting and a chill environment. Most restaurants decorate their interiors in accordance with the theme of the restaurant. Such as China Town. Which specializes in Chinese cuisine and thus has an interior style based on Chinese culture and decorations. This is also what attracts people because they want to experience something different than what they are used to. Which is why many people in Pakistan enjoy other cuisines and prefer to eat at such establishments whenever they dine out.

Menu and other Entertainment Resources

Get a good menu with a wide range of items on it. People aren’t just coming on to the restaurant to enjoy the great view. But also for good food. You can also have a great source of entertainment by having a DJ. Or some kind of musical environment on the roof. You should always be ready for the worst-case scenario happening. Always have a backup of everything, may it be power, waiters, or security, etc. Have all sorts of payment methods for customers. You never know if a customer would like to pay with cash on hand or a card. So make the ease of paying with a card available.

Examples of Best Rooftop Restaurants in Pakistan

One of the best seatings of such restaurants in Pakistan can be Kolachi Ocean Mall, Karachi. It has one of the most visually pleasing and the most convenient looks, when it comes to open roof restaurant, it has a great view, and the food there is amazing as well, it is one of the most top-notch places to have dinner or lunch at with family or book an event. Second, to it is the Avari Sky BBQ restaurant, Avari is one of the top hotels in Karachi, and has one of the most famous open sky BBQ Buffets. It is 100% worth the visit.

Another great open-roof restaurant which is quite famous is Monal Lahore, it is the 2nd most recommended place to visit and eat at in Lahore on trip advisor. Skye restaurant, Lahore’s highest rooftop restaurant, is also recommended. This establishment entertains its customers in a variety of ways and has a pleasant ambiance. Andaaz Restaurant is also one fine dining place with a great view of Badshahi Mosque and Lahore fort, it offers dinner under great lighting. And one of the best placing with an open roof and a historical setting is Lal Qila in Karachi, it represents the structure and architecture of the Mughal era, offers great Mughlai, tandoori, and barbecue as well as the traditional Pakistani cuisine, the menu is huge and consists of 80+ dishes in the buffet.


The concept of rooftop restaurants is highly regarded and preferred by the general public. People prefer to eat in the open air rather than in a walled-in establishment since the introduction of rooftop restaurants. It has become a new trend that is well-liked and favored all over the world. Customers say it’s delightful to eat at an open-air seating area. Restaurants also make an effort to create a relaxing and comfortable environment, as the majority of their customers come to unwind after a long day at work. These restaurants also offer some entertaining services, which draw in more customers. It does have a downside, but overall, the concept of rooftop hi tea restaurants in Lahore is excellent and has proven to be successful.

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