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RichmondSuper Review 2021 – What makes this broker a good option for new traders?

We cannot deny the role of forex firms that have been bringing success closer to traders for years now. The idea of a forex firm seemed vague initially because people were not ready to entrust their hard-earned money with online firms. But gradually, when it was seen how much the firms had to offer to the traders and how they could put your life to ease, many people were attracted towards these. I remember my dad was an established trader when these firms had just rolled in. He used to say who will I catch if my money goes down the drain? My laptop or my Internet service provider. But of course, with the passage of time things rolled out to be easier, and hence massive amounts of traders were ready to trust them.

When I joined, I already knew how imperative it was to become a member of one of the well reputable forex firms but unfortunately, by then a lot of tricksters had made it to the market so decision making was more nerve-wracking than ever. I had to pick one out of the limited options. I had seen many close friends and seniors get exploited by these firms so I knew what gimmicks they used and this let me dodge them and land on the right platform RichmondSuper.

RichmondSuper has a very good reputation in the market and I got to know this after conducting thorough research. I believe such research is mandatory before making any big decisions in your life. Unless you fully analyze the pros and cons, you cannot figure out if your choice is worth it or not. My dad used to take me along with him to the stock exchange since childhood so I grew up in an environment where terms like dividends, profits, share, stakes, rates, kept echoing. This allowed me to understand complex trading terms in a more comprehensive manner.

When I joined RichmondSuper, I tried to look at it from multiple perspectives and I have to say it satisfies me all the time. I have seen forex platforms trap young traders especially the young ones so skilfully that one doesn’t even realize they are being robbed until they reach a point where their balance is no more than zero. Here at RichmondSuper, you feel at home. The optimal trading environment gives you space to grow and learn. I don’t want to imply in any way that the broker is entirely free of shortcomings. It has its own set of flaws that we will discuss along with the qualities.

Before we start with the review, let me tell you that RichmondSuper might do the job the best way for me but not for someone who does the same work as I do but lives in another state. This is because needs, wants and expectations vary from one person to another. I have seen RichmondSuper struggling hard to keep up with the diverse needs and they have succeeded to a large extent, I believe. But it is you at the end who tell if it will work for you or not. And to make a fair judgment, you are expected to carry out your own research and consider this review only a part of the quest.

Through this review, I only aim to explain how RichmondSuper has been so far to me, and this way you can see if you need to sign up for the brokerage firm or not. I think we should start discussing all the important features turn by turn.

RichmondSuper Review

Security (5 Stars) 

I was told multiple times beforehand by numerous seniors that I can make a compromise on anything but not on security. Imagine having millions in your account at night and then getting up to a balance of zero because of a security breach. Such a situation would be no less than a nightmare. A friend of mine sold all his property to invest in the business and just like that one day we saw his balance near zero.

To avoid this, I looked into the legal documents and read all of them multiple times. The Risk Disclosure statement, Bonus Policy, Withdrawal, Refund and Cancellation Policy, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions should be closely read. Either you read it yourself or hire legal aid but just ensure you are not signing up for a scam. I would particularly like to mention the disclaimer here which explicitly states all the associated dangers. If you go through it, you’ll see that the services are unavailable in some jurisdictions. This is done only in an attempt to make sure that none of the customers’ assets are exposed to any added threats. All these years at RichmondSuper, I have found the working environment to be extremely safe and secure.

Opportunity (4 Stars)

You should all make it clear from the first day that a good platform encourages the growth and propagation of its users. One way to help the traders in this regard is to provide them with a wide range of options as tradable assets. Here at RichmondSuper, you get around 200 different assets and each one of them holds the power of diversifying your portfolio in a way that you never run out of opportunities. I had never thought of trying my luck in Crypto when I first joined but gradually, I was ready to make my first bitcoin deal. It was a good experience, I must say. I learned a lot about crypto, how it worked and what tricks one can use to figure out the right time to buy, sell or hold. I also made my first stocks deal with RichmondSuper. I remember the first-ever stock I bought was of a Pharmaceutical company and I made a profit of around 29%.

Packages (4 Stars)

The features and specs have been fairly divided into categories so that you don’t get to overpay or underpay. All you need to do is look closely at what your business demands, run through the account chart on the website, and decide which account suits you the best. The company has introduced a total of five packages; Trial, Passive Income, Portfolio Management, Retirement, and Heritage. The Trial account is the most basic one and is for very young traders who still need to get acquainted with the new tools. The trial Account requires a minimum deposit of $250 to open the account. It would’ve been great if this account was free because we know many new traders who cannot afford even such a small deposit amount. The accounts keep getting complex and the number of initial deposits increases. The Heritage account being the highest one gives you the best features but requires a minimum deposit of $250k. I like how one can easily upgrade from a lower to a higher account.

Languages Available (3 Stars)

The website can only be used in one language and that is English. I believe that a good firm, like RichmondSuper, takes good care of even the small needs of the consumers and this is why they should add more languages for the customers who aren’t that comfortable with the English language. I give it 3 Stars because English is widely spoken and understood so not a lot of traders are irritated by this, but still there exist a fraction of traders who would love to see their languages added.

Easy Registration (4 Stars) 

The procedure to get yourself registered is very easy. All you need to do is click or touch the “Invest Now” button on the website. It will take you to a form which is the registration form. There you will be required to fill up basic information like your first and last name, country, phone number, email and then you’ll be asked to set a password. After this, you will be asked if you need promotional literature or not but before that, they will ask you to go through the Risk Disclosure Statement and the privacy policy.  Many new traders ignore these two highly important documents and end up landing in the hands of fake forex firms. I would recommend you go through these both thoroughly before creating an account. Once you are done, you check that box too and hit the create key. That is, your account is made on one of the most trustworthy forex firms.

Concluding Remarks

I have tried to include all important features in the article but it is obvious that covering all the good that RichmondSuper offered me is beyond the scope of this review. RichmondSuper has allowed me to not only earn but also learn and this is one of the greatest signs of a broker which can be given a shot. Now that you have seen what RichmondSuper is to traders like me, I hope your decision-making has been made considerably. Wishing you all good luck and hoping you find your right forex firm soon.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation

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