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Retro Renovation Ideas by Vinyl Wrap Suppliers Dubai

Trends come from the new old always. It means the trends of anything comes from an old form just with a new face. The same applies to renovations or interior designs ideas. The retro theme is back in trends. The new normal kind of people like that classy old home finish with a little brown touch on it. Wraps recommended for the Retro themes interior by best Vinyl Wrap Suppliers Dubai

If you already furnished your house some years ago. But, you really want it to be retro theme-based and also don’t want to spend too much money on it. These wrapping retro ideas are the best.

  • Kitchen

In case of the retro theme if your kitchen is already of dark colors then not to worry. Wrap your cabinets with wooden finish wraps and your countertop and backsplash with the same solid color wrap or contrast with it.

You can also create a fabric look with the fabric wraps. It is the most interesting retro fabric-based look. You can contact your interior designs for a more functional look at the kitchen.

  • Living room

You can wrap your tv counter and tables with the metal finish wraps of some tanned colors. And the walls of beige color shade. Choose the color of the couch and other furniture of dark color. Place some night lamps and candle stands beside tv table or places them on the table. Find some antique pieces by the old town or by some exhibitions and flaunt your new house with the old antiques.

Architectural Vinyl Wrap to make any surface flawless
  • Balcony

Place some nice tables and chairs on the balcony wrap the walls in solid colors. Place some antique lamps and a tea cup stands on the table. And place the flower pots in the corners of the balcony. It will be your favorite spot to chill and spend your me-time. Have your perfect chill hours of the day at that corner of your house.

  • Bedroom

For bedroom suggestions. I suggest you find some old type piece of bed in solid white color. And place the couch just next to it. Place some plain matte below the bed and in the entrance of the room. Wrap the wall in wooden finish wraps. Place some old antique pieces in the corners of your bedroom and also don’t forget to add romantic lights to your room.

  • Dining area

The dining area needs some extra touch. Candle stand and antique pieces are meant for the dining table. It adds some extra beauty to the room and doesn’t forget to hang some fake flower stand beside the table. Wrap the whole dining table with the metal finish wraps.

Must be wondering where to get these wraps from. You get the best wraps from Vinyl Wrap Suppliers Dubai. and you will love your retro look. The architectural firm is a self-adhesive non-toxic finishing solution that is used to cover any surfaces, for instance, walls, ceilings, doors, furniture, and more. It offers the quickest and most flexible way of transforming your space at a lower cost than a traditional refurbishment. We have a wide range of interior film from the leading brands available both for sale in rolls as per meter. 

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