Renovation tips from the electrician

You may not think about it, but the electrical work actually has a lot to say about how your store both feels and works. So in addition to thinking about interiors and color choices, take a thorough look at the electrical if you are going to embark on a renovation project. And what better is a good tip from someone in the industry? Our electricians give you renovation tips that will lift your home to the next level. Especially when we talk about εξοπλισμό καταστημάτων the electrical ones have to be perfect.

Renovation tips from the electrician – Must Read

The right lighting gives new life to the room When the various rooms in your home are to be refurbished, it is not just the furniture and the colors that make up the overall impression. The lighting can be decisive for how the room appears. Here it is important to first think about what colors you want, where you want to place different furniture – and finally choose the right lighting that stands for the rest. If you choose darker colors on walls, these will require much more light. On the one hand, a room can feel warm and comfortable with dark walls, but if the lighting is not right, it can feel claustrophobic.

Our tip is to have good lighting from different light sources.

He points out that you should think about whether you want warm or cold lighting and light the corners of the room nicely. In addition, it is a good idea to first think out the floor plan you want in the room, and then install different lamps. In this way, you ensure a user-friendly as well as attractive room. Stylish without clutter with wires Many Norwegian homes experience a shortage of sockets. When lamps are to be placed, they can quickly turn to temporary solutions, such as extension cords.

This is not a good solution, as extension cords are only intended for temporary use. If you use these for too long, with too many objects connected, there will quickly be too much heat in the wire – which can be flammable. It is also not uncommon for Norwegians to have many wires behind the TV, look blind when charging a PC or mobile phone, or never be able to connect enough objects in the bathroom or kitchen. It is a well-known phenomenon in Norwegian homes that sockets are in short supply. Newer homes have stricter requirements for how many sockets they must have, but older homes probably have far too few. This is one of the best renovation tips from the electrician.

If you are going to renovate, you should also consider setting up more, especially where you have the TV and/or home cinema system. With more electrical outlets in the home or store, you will find that the place feels tidier. You can also consider laying wires in cable covers to get them neatly and neatly packed away.

Tips for the kitchen are a room where food is prepared.

If the area is large enough – also consumed. If this is the case, you will need different light sources. In this way, you can set a warm atmosphere when the food is to be enjoyed, but at the same time have good enough light during cooking or washing dishes. You must have enough power outlets for all the different kitchen appliances you use during cooking in the kitchen.

Blender, toaster, hand mixer, and maybe a radio? In addition, it may be a good idea to, for example, spotlights under overhanging cabinets – so that the kitchen counter is well lit, and rather a nice ceiling lamp over the kitchen table. This can advantageously have a dimmer, and should not hang lower than 50 cm above the table as it is nice to see those sitting directly above you. With the right lighting and good electrical solutions, the kitchen will quickly become a much nicer living space.

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