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Free birthday cards are the best events of our lives because the day comes once a year and should be celebrated with joy. The kind of excitement we are surrounded with should only increase in intensity. Free birthday cards parties are common everywhere, and so are the celebrations using cakes, candles, and balloons. On your special day, remember the best memories and be thankful for your life. Also, analyze and appreciate the days that you have happily survived. Let’s go into a thorough reality check and think of all those reasons that are essential and why we should celebrate our birthday happily. Here are some profound reasons that your birthday is the most significant day to have a celebration. 

  • It’s Your Beginning 

Your birth was the beginning of something great. You were sent down to fulfill an unique purpose; each year you spend alive reminds you that the mission isn’t over yet. You have a purpose of serving, and each day you are getting closer to it. A birthday is a momentous occasion that should be commemorated like any special day. Your birth is the foundation of something substantial, and one must always look after that goal. It’s more than an occasion to receive gifts; it’s about being together with your loved ones and celebrating while giving thanks and reflecting back on life. Celebrate the day you were born with elegance and grace.  

  • Expression of Thanks

Why do we celebrate this day? One of the reasons this day is so special is because we were given birth by a really strong woman who held us for nine months. There were many more people involved in this process. You being alive today gives you the ability to say thanks to them. It’s time to celebrate birth itself which is nothing less than a miracle. It is also an occasion when you can rethink your life. Analyze the past, live in the present, and plan for the future. It’s a triangle when your past interacts with your present and future.

  • Chance for Regeneration

Life has miraculous ways of making us think. Today is the day you can think about all those past happenings and plan for a better tomorrow. Forget all those bad memories and try to rebuild yourself. A process that would take time, but at least you are starting. Regain your capacity and analyze for positive outcomes. Develop yourself mentally and spiritually because an auspicious occasion like this comes only once a year. You have all the more reasons to refresh now and start better.

  • A count of Achievements

To have lived another year is an achievement. It’s time we thank people and keep a record of all those achievements that have made us what we are today. Thanks for those lovely mornings and pleasant nights. Thanks for those best friendships and relationships. Be thankful to all those people who make your life great because that too is an achievement. 

  • Acknowledge Your Existence

Just simply acknowledge your existence on earth. No matter which family you were born into, or what facilities you had, that is all a matter of the past and you are here to live your present to the fullest. Celebrating your existence is the number one priority right now. 

  • Bond With People

Birthday celebrations are always creative with numerous birthday presents and special efforts. But it’s more about bonding with people, your friends and family are there for you. All their wishes come directly from their hearts which makes us truly love them because over everything the messages and compassion that come directly from their hearts make all the difference. Strive to make one new friend each birthday, you will surely bond with a lot of people over your lifetime.

Something Classy!

Birthdays are incomplete without special gifts and so we are here to provide you with amazing gifting ideas for your acquaintances. Use free birthday cards and surprise the receiver with over the top sentiments and fabulous designs that could easily steal their hearts away. Made with extensive love and care our birthday ecards can be signed by people across the globe without any limitations of time and distance. Stay close to your acquaintances even when you can’t be near them with our innovative ideas. Our cards allow you to add music, pictures and gifs so that you can increase the personal touch along with sweet messages to wish the receiver. It’s hardly possible for you to find great services like us anywhere else. 

What are you looking for now? Just pin down and get the most fabulous and alluring free birthday cards. Make the day awesome with the blessings for all and hatred from none. 


Now that you have all the more reasons to be happy on this day, give us a big wide smile and cherish the same smile on the faces of your acquaintances on their special day.  

You’re probably looking for the best way to go about making your next birthday ecards greeting stand out from the others. The good news is, it’s easier and less expensive than you think. These days, everyone sends cards and gifts to each other on birthdays. As an added bonus, their friends will appreciate the thoughtfulness of your gift (and so will you). But not every card or gift is equal; some are more thoughtful than others, and above all – they should be more personal! Going over these helpful hints will help you customize your next birthday message in a most unique way.With a wide range of Group card online and spectacular services, stay connected and keep following us for more.

Birthday ecards

Our birthday ecards are designed specifically to address your requirements and make the celebration worth living.  To get a life partner as special as you have is a big thing. No matter how many creative ideas we come up with there is something called thoughtful gifts that win the heart at the end of the day. Thoughtful things such as those that would talk about the feelings and emotions at a stretch can make any birthday boy happy. 

We have designed our online birthday cards with impressive textures and wonderful designs so that at the first look anyone can fall in love with it. We know that it’s a huge responsibility to make anyone’s day special and so we suggest you use our birthday card in the morning so that your life partner starts his day with happiness. 

Not only this we also allow you to get the card signed by millions of people across the globe without any limitations of time or distance. Everyone can put their congratulations on the card by signing and writing all the good things about the birthday boy along with wishes and messages to make him feel better. You can also add a personalised touch by including  pictures and gifs to make it look even more fabulous. 


The day is incomplete without you personally wishing your life partner a happy birthday and sharing all the sweet things that you like about him. Expressing emotions makes the day even brighter as you come close to your emotions and say the words that your heart feels. Here are some sample wishes and messages that would look spectacular on the birthday ecard.

  • In the unimaginable event, I would remember you throughout the day and tell you how much I love you and care for you. A very happy birthday my love!
  • To the one who giggles like a kid, pursues his fantasies like a puma, cares and watches his family like an officer. Wishing the most important person in my life a very happy birthday.
  • You have regularly tried to make my fantasies materialize. You have always adored me like there is no tomorrow. Today is your day my love and I want to make every second of it very special. Happy birthday to the love of my life.
  •  Awakening next to you, seeing your child-like face fills my heart with joy. I wish to see you every morning like this, my love. You are very special to me.
Free birthday cards
  • The wedding you have given me another element of life. I am very lucky to have a husband like you. Wishing you a very happy birthday my love!
  • I don’t realize how to put this however you are the most important person in my life. A very happy birthday dear!
  • How would you express that magic the entire day? I’m so cool and quiet when I am around you. Your personality is magical. Happy birthday, love!
  • If possible I would accept you for the duration of the day and uncover to you the sum I love you and care for you. Happy birthday my life
  • To the person who chuckles like a child, seeks after his dreams like a jaguar cares, and watches his family like an official. Wishing you an incredibly bright birthday dear!
  • You have made extra efforts to make my dreams come true.  You have made so many efforts for my dreamland for me like there is no tomorrow. Happy birthday to the most amazing person in my life!
  • Coming close to you, seeing your innocent-like face makes me feel very happy. I wish to look at you like this for the rest of my life.
  • The wedding you have given me another component of life. Blessed to be your loved one. Wishing you a happy birthday! 



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