QuickBooks Update Error 15106: Full Analysis & Effective Solutions

QuickBooks Desktop is a widely appreciated accounting solution because of its highly advanced set of tools that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of the small business community. In addition, Intuit regularly incorporates new improvements in this software as per suggestions received from users, thereby making it even more effective & reliable.

However, many technical problems still trouble QB users & one of the common issues that many QB users have to confront is ‘QuickBooks Update Error 15106’. This major technical error arises at the time of downloading fresh updates of QB Desktop on the system, and in some cases, this error has also been noticed while attempting to obtain the new payroll updates.

Here, this highly reliable technical article will mention all the symptoms, reasons as well as troubleshooting methods for this technical glitch.

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Suitable Symptoms to Identify ‘15106 QB Error Message’ On the System

The basic symptoms that can be effectively used to identify the occurrence of ‘15106 QB Error Message’ on the user’s system are explained as follows:

  1. First and foremost, an on-screen error message will inform you that the QB Desktop updates cannot be downloaded on the system due to certain damages in the program.
  2. The existing features & tools on the QB Desktop application can also stop working correctly due to this error message.
  3. You may also notice slow freezing & even a complete shutdown of your computer once this error message emerges on the screen.
  4. Various tabs, icons, and buttons can stop responding to the user’s commands, thereby making the navigation process on the computer very difficult.

What Are the Prominent Causes That Can Trigger ‘QuickBooks 15106 Update Error Code’ On the Computer?

According to various QB technical specialists, the following points describe the major causes that can surely trigger the ‘QuickBooks 15106 Update Error Code’ on the computer:

  1. The chief factor that can cause this technical issue is the non-functional Windows admin user account while attempting to access fresh QB Desktop updates.
  2. If there is some interference from security applications like the antivirus software or the ‘Windows Firewall’, then you can surely encounter this error code.
  3. The user’s system may not have fully valid ‘User Account Control (UAC)’ settings, thereby preventing you from obtaining the required updates.
  4. Corruption present within the QB application configuration can instantly provoke this update error code on the computer.

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What Are the Highly Reliable Methods That Should Be Used to Tackle ‘QB Desktop 15106 Error’?

Encountering QuickBooks Update Error 15106? Learn how to resolve this error and update your QuickBooks software effortlessly. Follow our step-by-step guide for a quick solution.

Users can successfully implement the following step-by-step methods to rectify the ‘QB Desktop 15106 Error’ on their system:

1: Suitably utilize the Windows admin user account & then execute QuickBooks Desktop error 15106 in full admin mode to access all the fresh updates

  • First of all, instantly click on the ‘Start’ button given on the Windows Desktop of your computer & then you will need to tap the ‘Control Panel’ tab to easily acquire the ‘Control Panel’ window on the screen.
  • Thereafter, easily access the ‘User Accounts and Family Safety’ menu on the ‘Control Panel’ window & then you shall need to simply hit the ‘User Accounts’ tab located inside the same menu.
  • Next, proceed forward to choose the ‘Manage another account’ option & then you can enter the relevant credentials of the Windows admin user account in order to access that account on the system.
  • Now, exit the ‘Control Panel’ window & jump back to the QB Desktop icon present on the Windows Desktop, following which you will be tasked to right-click on the QB Desktop icon in order to carefully choose the ‘Run as administrator’ option.
  • At this point, the QB application will run with full admin privileges, and you will now be able to acquire the latest QB Desktop updates successfully.

2: Easily restrict the execution of your antivirus software to ensure seamless downloading of fresh QuickBooks Desktop error 15106 updates on the system

  • Here, in this verified method, the first necessary task is to just press the ‘Ctrl + Alt + Delete’ keys on the keyboard in order to swiftly acquire the ‘Windows Task Manager’ window on the computer’s screen.
  • After that, you should immediately go to the ‘Processes’ tab indicated on the ‘Windows Task Manager’ window & then you will have to find the name of your antivirus software within the list featuring various currently executing applications on the computer.
  • Now, when you have found the name of your antivirus software in the relevant list, you should promptly select its icon. Afterward, you will need to click on the ‘End Processes’ button located at the bottom of the window.
  • Thereafter, the selected antivirus software will stop executing & then you can move out of the ‘Windows Task Manager’ window so that you can successfully download the relevant QB updates.

3: Put a fresh name on the QuickBooks Desktop error 15106 update folder saved on the system to tackle this technical issue

  • Here, the first task is to launch the ‘File Explorer’ window & then you can move to the ‘QuickBooks’ folder saved inside the ‘C: drive’, following which you can effectively launch the ‘Components’ folder present within the ‘QuickBooks’ folder.
  • Thereafter, you should discover your QB Desktop update folder (‘downloadqbXX’) & then you can simply right-click on the icon of that folder in order to successfully impose a fresh name on it using the ‘Rename’ option.
  • Now, you can install a fresh name on the QB Desktop update folder as per the following example: ‘downloadqbXX.oldtre.’
  • After that, reliably hit the ‘Enter’ key to save the fresh name of the QB Desktop update folder & then you can go forward to acquire the latest QB application updates on the computer using the proper steps.

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4: Suitably change the 15106 QB Error Message ‘User Account Control (UAC) Settings’ on the computer to tackle this technical glitch

  • In this method, you can utilize the ‘Start’ menu available on the Windows Desktop of your computer to click on the ‘Control Panel’ tab & after obtaining the ‘Control Panel’ window; you have to just strike on the ‘User Accounts’ tab.
  • Thereafter, instantly shift to the ‘User Accounts (Classic View)’ option displayed on the ‘Control Panel’ window & then you shall be able to effectively tap the ‘Change User Account Control Settings’ icon.
  • Next, you can reliably choose the slider shown on the system’s screen in order to move it to the ‘Never Notify’ position & then you will need to just hit the ‘OK’ button to completely turn off the UAC settings.
  • At this step, jump out of the ‘Control Panel’ window & then restart your computer, after which you can download all the necessary updates via your QB Desktop application on the computer.

5: Root out all the QB program defects via the ‘Quick Fix my Program’ utility present inside the ‘QuickBooks update error 15106 Tool Hub’ on your computer

  • In this method, you simply need to visit the official website of Intuit through your web browser.
  • Then you can effectively tap the relevant link on the official website to fully download the new version of ‘QuickBooks Tool Hub’.
  • Afterward, make sure to save the appropriate file (‘QuickBooksToolHub.exe’) precisely inside the ‘Downloads Folder’.
  • Then you will easily execute the same file to make sure that you are able to fully install the ‘QB Tool Hub’ using all the relevant steps.
  • Next, after completing the ‘QB Tool Hub’ installation, you must access its window by double-clicking on its icon, following which you will need to simply hit the ‘Program Problems’ menu.
  • Thereafter, successfully begin the execution of the ‘Quick Fix my Program’ utility using its icon given under the ‘Program Problems’ menu & then you can go forward to make sure that you are able to get all the relevant QB Desktop updates via your QB application.

6: Ensure full repair of your QB application on the system in order to ensure the complete download of new QuickBooks Desktop error 15106 updates

  • Here, you should first precisely obtain the ‘Control Panel’ window on the system’s screen using the ‘Start’ menu given on the Windows Desktop & then you will proceed forward to tap the ‘Programs and Features’ menu present on the same window.
  • Afterward, you should carefully select the ‘Uninstall a Program’ icon to obtain a comprehensive list of various applications currently installed on the system.
  • Next, you can effectively select the ‘QuickBooks Desktop’ option located inside the list & then you must strike the ‘Uninstall/Change’ button following which you will have to hit the ‘Repair’ icon shown on the screen.
  • Thereafter, follow the correct steps to ensure the precise repair of your QB Desktop application & then you can restart the system so that you can get the necessary QB updates via the repaired QB Desktop application.


Through the effective use of all the methods described above, you can definitely weed out ‘QuickBooks Update Error 15106’. For further help & guidance, you can dial +1-855-948-3646 to connect with our QB Experts Team.

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