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As you make use of QuickBooks services for your business, the company files start to build up! Over time, you will realize that the data get bundled up, a little too much for you to handle. Now, you are wondering if these company files are adding up a lot, you need to move some QuickBooks data to the other company. For that, a migration tool is what can help one do the job well and also manually.

In this blog, we are going to discuss how a user can make a good user of migration tools to move the data from one computer to the other. Also, if you are wondering, what if you lose the data in the process, you need not have to worry about it. Systematic use of the migration tool, without skipping the steps can help you be far away from company file errors or malfunctioning too.

How Does it Work?

  • Do not forget, you need to update yourself as an Admin user, and then you can make use of the Migrator tool
  • Also, there has to be a complex password, so that only you can be able to access it
  • This password will be able to help you unlock your data when you are about to migrate it to a new computer
  • Also, this password will only be used once, and that during the time of the migration process, so make sure you keep it handy
  • Do not forget that, the migratory tool will be able to copy the last 3 company files, one that you have access to the USB flash drive easily. 
  • The best part about a USB flash drive is, it easily transfers, physical data from one device to other. Whereas, the technical aspect of the work is done by the tool itself. 
  • With this tool, you will be able to make use of and download the most compatible version of the QuickBooks services software to the new computer.
  • Also, worry less as it sets up the files into your QuickBooks after being installed.
  • If you are wondering whether after transferring the tool might format the flash drive and other files. You need not have to worry since it won’t erase your data, instead keep it protected.

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What does the migration tool do?

It transfers the required data to keep the application running and work on the new computer. You have to spend extra time to keep your data in action on the new computer. Remember that, a little mistake from your side while migrating may cause errors and complications, which is the last thing you want. When using the migratory tool, you can rest assure that no data shall be deleted so there is no problem of data loss.

Here is the list of data that gets copies with no issues through the migration tools:

  1. Your QuickBooks desktop version along with all the necessary details in it is required for the QuickBooks to be installed on your new computer.
  2. The required QuickBooks letter, files, different templates, and the forms too.
  3. Your reports you have prepared, be it Scheduled and memorized and the necessary attachment of it.
  4. Printer settings that are pre-installed ones.
  5. Spell checker.
  6. Financial statement designer.
  7. Cash flow projector.
  8. statement writer in QuickBooks accountant version.
  9. Advanced QuickBooks report for Enterprise users.

Process of Migration

There are different steps and considerations that you need to

  • Open QuickBooks and navigate to the File menu
  • Now, click on the utilities and then select Move QB to the other computer
  • After that, choose I’m ready and then create a complex Password for it
  • In that, you can select the USB flash drive that you’ve plugged in for the migration to proceed and copy the files 

In your new computer

  • Plugin your USB drive that has copies all your data and files
  • Now, hold on to it till it moves your data and starts the manual process of running your files that is Move_QuickBooks.bat from your flash drive
  • Now, the password that you have picked, that needs to be a complex one should be entered, and click on hit!
  • Let the tool complete the entire migration process

Somethings that are incapable of transferring or copying

If you have a multi-user setup installed, remember that it won’t be copied to the new computer Payment-related information, as well as payroll details, are the most sensitive information of all. It has the bank data of your account and hence to keep up the integrity of the data. You need to log in to your new computer with a fresh start.


Using QuickBooks services, and especially data migration tools, you might have a lot of questions in your mind. Remember that, this is the most sought-after tool for your business. You can easily share data from one tool to another. 

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