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Questions to Be Asked to Understand Your Prospects’ Business Pain Points

If you want to grow your business, you will have to identify the pain points of your potential. It is not in the case of B2C sales but B2b too. However, identifying their problems is not enough if you do not know how to deal with them.

Remember that you will have to come up as a problem solver. You can present yourself as a problem solver to them only when you identify their pain points. A business pain point is an issue faced within the company, and that affects the bottom line.

This is why such issues are to be resolved effectively. It is easier said than done because most of the time, they are overlooked. Sometimes businesses may not know that they have a problem and that needs to be resolved, and this is where you come in. Now the question is why it is essential to identify the pain points.

This is because you can tailor your pitch to their pain points. You can advertise your products and services targeting those pain points and make them more specific and relevant to your target audience. Various pain points can be productivity, financial, process, and support. Here are the questions you need to ask to understand the pain points of your prospects.

What barrier do you face when you try to grow?

It is not unusual to see an organisation facing a few hurdles while growing. You should ask your business prospects about what kind of problems they face whenever it is about expansion or growth. The most common pain areas are sales, clients, venture capital, inventory, and staff.

Once you have got to know their market position, you should ask follow-up questions to break the ice. Ask them if there is any plan to deal with this issue, and if so, how likely they believe it is going to be successful.

By asking these questions, you will be able to get an insight into the business problems of your clients and find ways to deal with them. For instance, if you have got to know that your client is getting negative publicity from their target audience because they fail to provide real-time assistance to them.

You can give them a solution to use software like LiveChat to attend to customers’ queries. Some automated chat tools can attend to customers’ queries round the clock.

What are the major concerns?

You should ask your clients about the significant concerns that they experience. They may vary from organisation to organisation. Some may have productivity issues, like it may take a long time to have the products ready to deliver because of the manual process. In contrast, the others may have financial problems, like they may have spent a lot of money on administrative tasks.

Based on their issues, you can come up with an effective solution. For instance, you can provide them with a software solution that completes all the repetitive tasks within minutes so your clients can devote that time to core activities and making sales strategy.

To get to know the most common concern they all experience, you should ask them what worries they discuss in their meetings. They may take various problems like unsatisfied customers, cash flow, falling sales numbers to the table.

You should make follow-up questions and dive into the problem to know the exact root of it and how you can provide your clients with an effective solution. Note that it may not always be possible to eradicate the problem, but your solutions may alleviate them. Make sure that you come up with a solution that mitigates the impact of the problem they experience.

Do you struggle with attracting new customers?

Customer loss is the most significant issues that every organisation faces. Acquiring new customers is hard and retaining them is harder. There can be many reasons for losing your customers, like pricing, poor customer service and less value.

You will have to offer value to your customers. Whether you are charging high or low, the pricing must be worth the value of your product. You will have to analyse each factor to ensure that your clients are not able to retain their customers.

If you dive into their business, you will get to know the loopholes and the hindrances. Once you know them, you can come up with an effective solution. Of course, you need to understand the cause of losing customers before offering the solution.

If you have noticed that your client’s competitors are charging lower prices, you can suggest changing the pricing structure, and if you notice that your clients are offering better products, you will have to focus on the marketing.

People need to be told how your clients’ product is better and offering more value than their competitors. As far as it is about customer service, you can recommend them software and effective ways for handling after-sale service. Once you know what kind of obstacles they face while acquiring and retaining customers, you can offer them an effective plan to gain customers.

The final word

You know what kind of questions you can ask to understand the pain points. You can become a problem solver only when you know what kind of problems your clients are facing. However, you must know that how to deal with them.

Being a problem solver, you can be one up on your competitors. It is not just about selling the product to ride out the competition. If you understand the pain points and develop a practical solution, you will eventually have a large audience following you.

This is because you will be bringing the product in before anybody else can. You will have to research correctly, interrogate your audience, and dive into their problems before coming up with an effective solution.

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