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Queen Margaret University – Study in the UK

 About Queen Margaret University UK

The Queen Margaret University UK is a public university. It was established in the late 19th century. It received the status of the University in 1999, almost after 120 years of its establishment. The university is located in Musselburgh, Scotland, and offers a wide variety of environments.

The Queen Margaret University ranking is in the Top 1000 of QS World University ranking. It also stands at 88th position in the ranking system of UK university ranking. The university has also secured the 68th rank in 2020 given by the National ranking system. The Queen Margaret University accommodation is also quite favorable to the international students. Meanwhile, the university offers on-campus accommodation also to the students.

The university has a world-class infrastructure with high-tech research labs and research teams. The staff of the university is also supportive. The university is home to almost 30,000 students who come from different countries and possess different cultures.

About Edinburgh city

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland situated near the North Sea. It was the first city in the world that provided fire services.  It has a lot more to attract students and people to stay there as well as to work and study. It’s a city with a temperate maritime climate. Therefore, is not very cold and very hot in terms of daily weather.

Edinburgh is not a boring city at all. You will find something interesting everywhere which will become a prominent reason to stay there. It also has a vibrant and dynamic culture. The surroundings have the touch of some ancient and old architecture in the city.

Why Queen Margaret University is best for Indian students?

Queen Margaret University is recognized as the best university in Scotland. It has the 4th rank in Scotland and 1st in the Capital city, Edinburgh. The University does not differentiate between any genders and provides equal opportunities to all.

Possessing a good ranking in Scotland, this university also has something more, international students need to know. Some of the prominent features of this university are:

1.    Academic Expertise

The search of an international student ends when he has an encounter with great teachers.  The teachers taught them in a manner that can increase their chances to have a bright future ahead. Queen Margaret University has teachers who are internationally recognized and possess academic expertise in their field of interest.

The staff of the university is also associated with the industries. Consequently, providing the student a wide exposure to learning things theoretically and practically. This association is a unique feature of this university which makes it the number 1 in Edinburgh City.

2.    Community

Queen Margaret University offers a wide sense of community feeling in the students. The University has a community that allows the students to make good friends which can help them in every sense. The environment at the university is also safe and alluring. This creates a sense of security in the mind of the parents as well as the students.

The strong point of this university is it also allows the members of the LGBTQ+ community to study and work there. The students of this category can find this university as the non-discriminatory one. Also, it allows them to grow in their future and accepts them as they are.

3.    Employability in Queen Margaret University

Queen Margaret University develops knowledge and skills in the students. They work on making their students employees in a particular industry. The university makes the students work-ready as it has an association with various industries.  The university teachers literally work hard for the student’s bright future.

Queen Margaret University Courses are related to industries. They deal in hospitality and tourism, education research, business sectors, and NHS. This is what a student requires!

4.    Support system in Queen Margaret University

The international students are always afraid of the hysteria created by others about not getting any support. But when it comes to Queen Margaret University there is no need to have a fear of anything. The university itself has a developed support system that works between the University and the student union.

You will find lots of services available on the doorstep of the university. Therefore, you will get the support personally as well as academically. There are various student counselors available at the University. They can help you reach the solution to any personal problem you suffer from.

5.    Opportunities

The university offers a lot of opportunities to the student which helps them to develop their curricular and extracurricular skills. The students get the opportunity of mentoring, volunteering, exchange trips, and international travel time. The university also provides the opportunity for part-time jobs. This helps the students to earn their daily wages for the expenses made for their living.

The university has provided some courses with paid and unpaid internships. This also works as an experience when the students apply for the full-time job and earn credits to make their profile strong for the permanent residency (PR)

6.    Knowledge into Practice

When any university takes you to visit the industry they make you see how the employees employed there work. Most importantly, they tell you to see the skills involved there. This university deals with the same as it allows the students to place their knowledge into practice.

There are various live projects and work placements that help you in developing the skills. This is the way how a student can stand out in the crowd by gaining top-level skills while studying.

So you can also apply to this university if you find it number one!

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