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QR Codes In Marketing Campaigns: Best Uses

QR codes are becoming increasingly common as they go hand in hand with our mobile devices. The people who work for a company. People are using their phones more than ever before, thanks to advancements in technology and high-speed internet. We now have the technology to quickly capture images and communicate data from one person to another. The employment of QR codes is one of these popular channels.

Quick Response (QR) codes are simple to use and may be read by mobile devices. They are adaptable, environmentally friendly, and time-saving. This marketing technique entails providing more details about a specific product or service. Scanning the QR code brings up the information right on your device.

Here are some examples of how you may utilise your QR code to track and improve the performance of your marketing campaigns:

1. Use QR codes to direct customers to your company’s official landing page or website:

Depending on the type of business you run, scanning a QR code will take your consumers to the signup page, product catalogue, menu card, campaign page, or even the landing page of your website. Build client trust since it is the deciding factor in whether or not a firm thrives. As a result, the focus should always be on the consumer, not the product.

This eliminates the bother of entering down your complete website’s URL and navigating to the relevant page, something clients rarely do on their own. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and has a unique URL that corresponds to your QR code. Before printing it on brochures, your notice board, or in your business, run through the entire method a few times.

2. Use QR codes to provide coupons and discounts to your customers:

Provide your consumers with a specific QR code that they may use to get discounts. Previously, anytime we offered a discount, we had to distribute printed coupons to our consumers, which was not only time consuming but also wasteful of paper. Customers can also obtain a great deal of supplementary information. If you want to improve survey sales, you’ve come to the correct place.

This eco-friendly option now allows your consumers to get savings by simply scanning the QR code you offer. As a result, they can create a digital voucher right on their phone. They can display this at the counter before checking out to get the discount.

QR codes for promotions are highly versatile, and they may be printed on flyers, emailed, or posted anywhere in your store. As a result, you can easily use them in adverts and make getting a certain deal easier than ever before.

3. Get customers to fill out online forms:

Let’s say you want a customer to fill out a review form after they make a purchase or based on their visit to your store. Especially during a pandemic, QR codes are the more convenient solution. You don’t have to give them a paper form or a visitor’s book to fill out and write in, especially in this non-contact period.

Simply provide them with a QR code that leads to your review form and instruct them to complete the form using their personal mobile devices. Simply start utilising Fynzo surveys today if you require such online forms that can be readily distributed through emails, social media, or flyers with the use of a QR code. You can generate a QR code with the help of a simple share button for easy distribution to your consumers.

4. Direct your clients to your social media pages:

Asking your customers to post a review on your social media account allows you to maximise your present customers. Customers are well aware of the importance of reading online reviews before making a purchase. So why not use the reviews of your current clients to entice new consumers?

If they follow your social media account, you can even give them a discount on their next visit. This will undoubtedly encourage them to do so, resulting in an increase in followers and traffic to your page.

Along with your QR code, include a quick note. With the help of the QR code connected to the product or flyer, you may encourage your clients to visit your social media profiles. When you want your customers to go the additional mile for you, incentives are the greatest solution.

5. Download programmes quickly and easily with a single click:

Make your customers scan your QR code to get your official app. This strategy will link them to your app’s download page. You can even give your consumers a discount if they download the official app.

If you own a restaurant, give your guests a 10% discount on their first order if they download the app. Allow them to accumulate points for each purchase they make at your store. Make them scan the QR code you give them to download the app, get discounts, and more. Allow your imagination to run free!

QR codes are beneficial to a variety of businesses, regardless of how you employ them in your marketing strategy. It’s a simple method to boost engagement and sales. If you’re struggling with low productivity at work, consider working from home. Then there’s a strategy for increasing work-from-home productivity.

QR codes are the simplest ways to minimise touch between the store and your clients during the Covid-19 outbreak, when most businesses are reopening with a no-contact rule and distance standards. Make your bills paperless. Allow your users to scan a QR code, and a digital bill will be generated on their smartphone automatically.

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