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Privileges You Can Save Through Owning A Bike On Installment

Two-wheelers, especially bikes, have become the notably essential element of every household in the present time. Principally the Covid-19 outrage has transformed the way of commuting, for now. Hence, the demand for the bike has gained a tremendous rise in popularity across the country as well. Besides, whether it is getting away from the crowded street in the city or easy commuting, the bike is the most exceptional companion of people unexpectedly. 

You are someone who wishes to own a bike? But financial restrictions and capacity are becoming a burden to you? You can always consider opting bike loan for added convenience. Several banks in India offers clients an opportunity to buy a bike on installment to make their dreams come into reality. 

The readily available bike finance is an imposing way to kickstart your vehicle journey as these won’t toll on your pocket, and you can manage the credit through easy installments. 

At first, let us explain the privileges of getting finance for a bike and how it can be an ideal consideration for you. 

Privileges of getting a bike on installment:

  • Take wing off the financial freight – 

Staking out Rs. 50,000, over time with nominal interest rates or shelling out the whole amount instantly – what sounds more convenient to you? Getting a bike loan from an authorised lender or bank, or financial institution in India can help you subdue your monetary difficulties. Hence, you can pay off the lending amount with additional efficiency. Moreover, having a loan for a bike is way more handy, pocket-friendly and manageable, plus the finance supports your fiscal profile in many ways.

  • Shoves CIBIL Score – 

Unlike a car or home loans that combines a voluminous amount of money, bike loans are an easy pick to pay your lending back. Eventually, young professionals can leverage form bike loans in order to improve their credit or CIBIL scores. Most importantly, a bike loan is one of the fastest credits that can get approved smoothly, without much hassles or complications. Plus, in several lending organisation, you can enjoy low-hanging documentation. And you can get your loan sanctioned real quick.

  • Flexible Repayment Schedule – 

Besides shoving CIBIL scores, you can actually experience flexible payback schedules as well. Once your credit gets approve, you can design and keep your repayment period from anywhere between 1 to 4 years. 

  • Lucrative Interest Rates – 

Most importantly, under a bike loan, you can experience lucrative interest rates are starting from 0.99% per annum. In some lending organizations. The bike loan interest rates somewhat emerge at a trivial rate like a companion in the Indian market.

Since the number of commuters wishing for a bike is increasing, lender institutions also offering lower interest rates. It enables many buyers like you to walk in the showroom and lay your hands on your dream bike at the earliest. 


A bike loan empowers the buyer to choose his dream bike without any unwanted financial burden. Furthermore, through the easy and beneficial interest rates provided by banks and financial institutions, you can effortlessly get your bike on installment. Additionally, getting your bike financed is safe, aid the emergency purpose and comes with handy installments.



Hero FinCorp is a diversified financial services provider in India. We are an associate company of Hero MotoCorp Ltd. Hero FinCorp Limited (HFCL) was incorporated in December 1991 as Hero Honda FinLease Limited. After the restructuring of our parent company Hero MotoCorp Limited (formerly Hero Honda Motors Limited), HFCL also changed its name to Hero FinCorp Limited in July, 2011.

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