Press Release Writing Tips to Make It Eye Catching

Press Release is a less popular form of content writing. For press releases, newsworthiness and eye catchiness are a few things every press release writer needs to pay more attention to. A press release is short, exciting news that public relations professionals write for newspapers and magazines. In another way, press release writing goals include publicity, attention and news making. The press release must contain all information about a matter to be reported: Who, What, Why, and How are some essential components of a press release. Answers to these questions help a press release writer create an engaging story.

Consequently, an eye-catching press release is a cost-effective marketing tool to grasp the public and the media’s attention. There are many difficulties associated with press writing. The two most common are boring headlines and lack of newsworthiness. By getting a few tips from the best assignment helpers, you can avoid almost all possible press release writing difficulties.

1. Tips to make your Press Release Newsworthy:

For public attention, a press release must be newsworthy. Further, to improve the newsworthiness of your press release, you can follow the following tips:

1.1 Start your press release with the newsworthy statement:

To achieve the aim of press release writings, we need to gather public attention. For this, it is good to take a head start. A good eye-catching title is the first element to gather an audience for you. But what will happen when the introduction seems dull? Of course, the reader will not finish the reading. Hence, in planning, outlining and press release writing, make sure you have placed all newsworthy content in the right place. Hence, a useful tip is to place all interesting news at the start of the press release. This tip is also well-supported by the funnel effect.

1.2. Make sure your press release is well-informative    

With the advent of technology, today’s public is much more aware than past. So, the press release writer should remain honest while reporting an event. The more reliable and updated the information is, the less criticism a press release writer faces in later stages. Still, the responsibility of writers greatly depends on the popularity of an event. If an event is of open type, you need to highlight all the main points.

In contrast, if an event is of close type, then the press release’s success depends on how magnificently you investigate or report the happenings. In summary, readers always expect something extraordinary from a press release writer. Therefore, a writer must focus on the insignificant details of events to grasp public attention.

2. Tips to make Press Release headlines eye-catching:

In the big picture, the press release is the official announcement of an event. Thus, eye-catchiness is the basic element of it. If you feel difficulties in making an announcement and making the news eye-catching, then following simple tips can help you a lot.

2.1 Read the headlines of the articles published on the magazine’s first page:

Yes, the easiest way to solve any writing query is by reading. Before writing a press release, it will be fruitful to read a few samples. It will solve the majority of the press release writing problems. But as far as eye-catchiness is concerned, magazines’ front pages can help you. For this, write a headline for your press release, and stop for a while. After that, think about how your headline will look on the front page. Is it attractive enough to grasp the public’s attention? If not, rearrange words to make them more attractive.

2.2 Use statistics or figures to make the facts trustworthy:

A press release writer must not be afraid of using statistics and figures in his report. The use of statistics and figures in press release writing helps the audience trust your information. Even you can add the statistics in headlines to make it more engaging. Further, the addition of visual and multimedia references can also make your report trustworthy.

3. Additional tips for Press Release writing:

  • Always use an active voice

The style of writing is a major factor affecting the press release’s success. Hence, one tip to improve your writing style is to avoid passive voice. In reality, proper use of an active voice is the best thing to attract the audience. In addition, a tip to avoid the passive voice is to avoid the verb ‘be’.

  • Paint a picture

As far as the language in press release writing is concerned, the tip is to use more imaginative words. Using strong imaginative words does not mean using profanity in your content. However, you need to select the words that can paint the exact picture of the happenings. Further, you need to add more sizzles to your content to make it eye-catching.

  • Try to involve emotions.

Emotions have a strong effect on the cognitive process of humans. A few cognitive processes governed by emotions include attention, memory, perception, and interest. In light of this fact, it is clear that by adding emotions to the content, you can make the press release writing more engaging. So you can use words like ‘shocking’, ‘secrets’ and ‘amazing’ to add emotions, especially in your headlines.

4. Include quotes when possible:

Adding a quote to a press release makes it more interesting. By adding quotes on press releases, your reader can get something to relate to or connect with. At the same time, the reporter’s story will be more interesting if there is a client’s testimony in press release writing.

5. Use correct punctuation:

A universal writing tip is to take extra care about punctuation. Especially in press release writing, incorrect punctuation can change the crux of the whole sentence. Look at this simple example; by incorrect punctuation, the sentence “let’s eat, grandpa” becomes “let’s eat grandpa”. Both sentences have entirely different meanings. Hence, correct punctuation can save your readers from misinterpretation of facts.

If you have decided to write a press release, then the tips cited above will help you a lot. You can surely make the press release eye-catching if you follow the above essentials. Further, eye-catching press release writing will grasp the public or media’s attention.


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