Prayer Rugs For Your Home

A prayer rugs is a carpeting in the home of Muslim people to aid in praying and dedicating their prayers to the One Allah (God). It is considered as an important floor covering in houses. There is no compulsion to have one in your house or room. But it has been observed that when there is lack of space in a prayer mat many families have them in their homes. It is believed by the scholars that the carpets can be used for more than one purpose in Islam.

According to the Shariati, these mats are used for prayers before entering the house and after leaving it. The person whose prayer is being done sits on the left side of the prayer mat and the one who is performing the Namaz carries the right one. Hence, the Namaz is performed from left to right while praying.

They are placed in different areas of the home like the drawing room, kitchen and bathroom. These prayer mats are made up of wool or silk. The best quality prayer mat is made from jute. This is because jute cannot be washed and it retains its colour. Jute prayer mats come in a variety of colours and designs to match the interior decor of your house.

purpose of using a prayer mat

The main purpose of using a prayer mat is for protection and hygiene. It prevents dust from entering the carpet and hence prevents stains. If you place a rug in your house, then it should not be kept in the open. The Rabbis prohibited keeping a prayer mat in the open.

These carpets are used in the mosques and madrasas. During the prayers, people are required to stand for long hours. Sitting on the carpet helps to make the sitting position easier. Wearing these carpets in the house also provides warmth under the seat. In cold countries, it is used as an insulator to keep the temperature lower.

prayer mats

These prayer mats are used for decoration in homes. They can be placed by the entrances or front doors for decorative purposes. Placing one near the entrance of the house will protect the door from external pollution. It will also serve the purpose of an anarkali or prayer mat. It looks very elegant.

These mats are also used in offices and schools. They are used for flooring. It makes the place much cleaner and hygienic. These carpets are also used for flooring inside houses. They make the floor look very appealing. These carpets are used for decorating homes.

In the market, these carpets are available in a variety of designs and colours. One can choose a prayer mat according to their taste. One can also buy these prayer mats online. Most of these prayer mat stores sell these products online.

Most of these prayer carpets are made from polypropylene. They are very durable and can resist different climatic conditions. These carpets can be used outdoors for outdoor decoration. They can also be used as prayer mats.

Prayer rugs stores offer free shipping.

Most of these prayer rugs  stores offer free shipping. These carpets can be washed and dried using a machine. You can also take it to a dry cleaner to have it cleaned.

A prayer mat is also used as a towel. Washing or drying this rug is not a problem. It can be used as a towel when going out somewhere. It is a great way to keep your prayer mat clean and you can use it for other purposes too. It is easy to maintain and can be kept for a long time.

Islamic Prayer mat are wonderful decorative pieces that are perfect for your home. The carpets are available in many colors and designs. These prayer mats are great for anyone who wants to add spiritual value in his/her life.

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