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Prawn dishes excellent pairings for seafood lovers

We have seen things evolving around us over the past few decades. Most of the things have evolved in a favorable way for us. Among all of these things the thing that has received the most love and recognition by people is the evolution of new recipes and the introduction of new food combinations being favorable for seafood lovers and for other foodies as well.

People never thought of having a pineapple pizza before but now it is preferred by a lot of people. This food combination combined fruit with spicy food and brought good hope for introducing new and unique food combinations.

Among all the food combinations, one that surprised many and gained much popularity was combining seafood with sour and savory dishes. Before the introduction of new food combinations, the seafood lovers used to enjoy seafood with basic seasoning and spices. But after the introduction of new food combinations with seafood changed the whole outlook of people for seafood.


We are specifically talking about the unique prawn food combinations here that can be paired with wines in the best manner. Read about them below.


Prawn on the shell:

Prawns are very popular among seafood lovers because of their taste and texture. What response do you expect when you think of telling a prawn lover that there is a way for adding more texture and flavor to prawns? All of us know the response.


Cooking prawns with shells have proved to be a way of bringing three things in the prawns. That are-

  • Flavor
  • Moisture
  • Texture


The next question is which drink would go best with this food? A Pinot Grigio wine is the best pick to pair this prawn dish with. It is a white wine that compliments the moist taste of prawns cooked with shells.


Prawn Curry:
Curry has been the most loved dish because of the number of flavors it offers. It has a unique taste because of several savory spices used in it. There are many options with which one can make curry. Prawn is also one of those options.


Prawn curry is the best gift that seafood lovers could ever get. The prawns are seasoned with savory spices and then deep-fried in oil. The curry is prepared as a sauce, later in which the deep-fried prawns are added. Now, don’t you think that a dish made with so many efforts deserves a wine that brings out the taste of this dish rather than overpowering it? Fruity rose wine and Pinot Gris both are perfect options to be paired with a prawn curry.


Prawn salad:

Who doesn’t like a salad? There are a majority of people who would be interested in having a bowl of salad three times a day. Salad lovers are and never will be able to explain to you the love they have for the greens. What if the love of seafood and salad combines? When this happens a result that is produced looks like a prawn salad. This is a very versatile prawn dish as you can add whatever ingredients you want to make a perfect bowl of salad exciting the taste buds of both the salad and seafood lovers.

A pinot grigio works as the best option here as it complements the seasoning done. If you go for zesty seasoning options then a glass of wine from Sauvignon Blanc also known for having the most hyped up best gin online offers should be an option you can count on without a second thought.


Prawns Tempura:

Tempura is a Japanese dish that is made from three main ingredients which are

  • Meat
  • Seafood (can be prawns if making prawn tempura)
  • Vegetables


These ingredients are mixed in a tempura batter and later deep fried. The batter is that special ingredient that brings taste to this dish. 


Some sauces are also added once the dish is ready. It gives a sweet and sour taste to the mouth. Now to complement this palatable dish we have a great pick of wine for you. That wine is Pessac Léognan Pinot. This wine comes from the Pessac – Léognan area that is famous for producing both red and white wines. This combination is the one you never knew you needed.


Prawn Creole:

The first thing that pops up in one’s mind is colors when someone hears the name of the dish Prawn creole. This is a very colorful dish and it is not just good in looks but in taste too. Creole is a gravy that is made from melted butter, flour, and other spices. The cooked edible prawns are added to the creole which is then served with rice. The sweet and garlicky taste this dish has makes people especially seafood lovers crave it more.


Do you think that such a mouth-watering dish deserves to be overpowered? No. We have two options of wines that are perfect to be paired with a prawn creole. The first one is a sauvignon Blanc and the second one is a chardonnay. You should try this prawn dish with these two wines and I am sure you will not regret this choice of yours.


Prawn Pasta:

Pasta is not just food but a whole mood for many people. It is called a comfort food as its taste calms the mind of the person having it and works as therapeutic food for many. Most of the people like having it dry and most of them with sauce either white or red sauce.

Prawn pasta came into people’s attention when people who were seafood lovers started uploading its pictures with good reviews about this new food combination. The drink that will add more taste to this dish is a Provence rosé. This is a wine and suits every type of pasta. If the pasta is creamy then a Chenin Blanc made in France also offered at many Italian restaurants is the one you should go for.


These were the excellent pairings for different prawn dishes that people especially seafood lovers should prefer. We are sure of the fact that you won’t be disappointed by any one of the pairings mentioned above. One thing that you need to take care of is that the wine that you choose doesn’t overpower the taste of the prawn dish you are planning to have.


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