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Physical Therapy VS Chiropractor | What You Need to Know?

Managing chronic pain in the muscle or a joint injury could be extremely difficult unless you seek advice from a professional. To prevent further damage to the muscle, immediate help from an expert must be sought.

Usually, people suffering from chronic back pain pursue therapy to heal their muscles. Nerve and muscle complications could be treated by two types of therapy; chiropractic and physical therapy care.

There is an overlap between chiropractic and physical therapy care. Physiotherapists and chiropractors may be approached to do the same kind of job. However, it is essential to know that there exists a slight difference between the two.

The two terms have been confusing for most people. However, we believe that each therapy serves different purposes and brings its own unique benefits for health and wellbeing. Therefore, we’ve designed this interesting guide to help you choose what’s suitable for you. So, follow along.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors are professionals who study the musculoskeletal system of your body and have advanced knowledge to treat muscle and nerve complications. The musculoskeletal treatments involve working with the bones, tendons, muscles, and joints of the patient to provide them effective therapy that enhances mobility and decreases dependence over others for common physical activities of walking, sitting, and others.

When you suffer from an injury, the chiropractor will often work with a hands-on approach. They will provide assistance to perform exercises that will stimulate muscle and nerve contact, enabling you to regain control over your muscles and enhance mobility. The hands-on approach of the chiropractor is intended to provide you pain relief as well.

Joint issues and deformations are mostly dealt with the expertise of a chiropractor. A chiropractic care specialist would make targeted efforts to improve the alignment of joints and muscles. They may perform work on deep tissue muscles and tendons to improve mobility and provide the patient relief in pain.

Chiropractors may also help you with issues related to nerve compression, muscle contraction, and nerve injury.


Physiotherapy also referred to as physical therapy is a broad term including all kinds of physical therapy. A physiotherapist is also able to perform jobs similar to what a chiropractor would do to heal a patient’s muscles. Spinal manipulation and muscle release techniques can also be performed by a physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy is a common form of treatment sought for rehabilitation. It works with a two-fold objective including improving muscle mobility and overall strength. A physiotherapist may have a unique approach towards every patient. The set of exercises recommended to the patient to enhance mobility may depend upon the unique demands of the patient.

The physiotherapist may use joint manipulation, muscle stretching exercises, and other techniques to provide relief to the patient. Moreover, a physiotherapist may also collaborate with professionals from various other disciplines and develop a comprehensive therapy plan to serve the treatment needs of the patient.

Both chiropractors and physiotherapists use non-invasive methods for treatment. Moreover, both types of therapists do not require pharmaceutical help or surgical intervention. Following are key points of difference between the two therapies;

The treatment methods and techniques used by a chiropractor with a patient will be in striking contrast to those used by a physiotherapist.

Besides, both therapies may be used to treat unique conditions and diseases

The type of patient is also a point of difference as patients who require physiotherapy would not need chiropractic care.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Personalized treatment option

A chiropractor’s approach is to provide each individual a personalized treatment. The idea behind chiropractic care is that each individual’s body is unique and must be provided a distinct therapy for effective treatment and quick recovery. Initially, the chiropractor assesses the body of the individual and determines what sort of approach would be suitable for them.

The safest form of therapy

One of the key benefits of chiropractic therapy is that it’s non-invasive. It’s the safest form of treatment therapy. Unlike spinal surgeries, the patient will not have any serious complications when they’re under treatment. There are multiple studies backing the safeness of the treatment. The benefits which the patient gets in the form of relief in lower back and neck pain outweigh the risks involved in treatment.

Revitalization of muscle health

Also, revitalization of muscles is another major benefit of chiropractic care. According to a physiotherapist in a physical therapy Dallas clinic, “patients who received chiropractic care reported immediate relief in pain and had beneficial outcomes in the form of improved muscle health and mobility. The adjustments which the chiropractor made with the exercises and hands-on treatment helped to release pressure from the nerves and muscles.”

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physiotherapists provide individual long-term support to improve muscle mobility and overall strength in the body.

Fast recovery

Patients who suffer severe injury may get help from a physiotherapist. Physiotherapy works perfectly to rehabilitate one’s body. A physiotherapist works closely with their patient and with a friendly attitude, motivates them to perform physical movements that will improve contact between the brain and the muscle. Physiotherapy provides faster recovery for patients having an injury or severe back pain.

Low risk of injury

The physiotherapist works with the idea that muscle memory must be developed to regain control over muscles and improve the strength and moving capacity of the body. Moreover, the physiotherapist will help the patient to build a basic form of exercise and progress further with regular practice. 

To avoid complications, the physiotherapist is always there to provide support and guide when the patient is unable to perform exercises because of stiffness or numbness of the muscle. With this support, there is a reduced chance of injury.

No need for surgical intervention or pharmaceutical treatment

Another major benefit of physiotherapy is that it reduces the need for pharmaceutical treatment and surgical intervention. The opinion of a therapist for severe back pain or injury may help the medical team to make appropriate decisions. Instead of opting for invasive treatment, it may help the patient if they’re provided physiotherapy on first priority.

Difference Between the Treatment Approach of Chiropractor and Physiotherapist

The physiotherapy approach mainly focuses on improving mobility, strength and restoring balance in the movement of the body. Following are the reasons why a person may need to see a physiotherapist;

  •         An individual may need physiotherapy because of decreased mobility as a result of aging. This is common in older adults and they account for the most people visiting for physiotherapy.
  •         An individual may also need therapy following a sports injury or rehabilitation following surgery.
  •         Also, physiotherapy may also be beneficial when treating a person to recover after a stroke.

On the other hand, the chiropractor’s job is to look for spinal and muscular misalignments as these increase complications for the patient and disturb muscle functioning, causing severe pain.

The chiropractor’s treatment may provide relief in the following;

  •         Neck pain and lower back pain
  •         Sports injuries are commonly dealt with by chiropractors
  •         Sciatica pain and nerve compression
  •         Chronic headaches and much more

In conclusion, the decision of which therapy to choose totally depends upon the patient and the advice of the specialist. Each individual has different needs and one must consider multiple options to know which form of treatment is best for them.


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