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Omega 3 Fatty Acid

Omega 6 and Omega 3 Supplement

Omega 3 fatty acid is very important in the treatment of both skin and joint diseases. They are low-risk treatments and used a lot in dogs.

Do you look for fatty acid information DHE and EPA you will get it right here?

Omega 3 is long recognized to be essential for normal body functions and health. Scientists wondered why Eskimos didn’t have any heart problems. Strip Club Name Generator

They found that the omega 3 fatty acid consumed by the Eskimos from seafood reduced risks of atherosclerosis.

Omega 3 Sources

In dogs, omega 3 supplements have been used since the mid-nineties. Since it was introduced the use has increased year after year. Now almost all dog food has some omega 3 acids in it.

This can be supplemented or the omega fatty acids come from good Omega 3 Sources.

Even if you make your own dog food you can increase the essential fatty acid content.

Different meats for example have different amounts of omega 6 or omega 3. Eggs and chicken meat as well can be more or less healthy.

I have written about this in the section Omega 3 Sources where very useful information is given.

Fatty Acid Structure

Even if many of my clients are using fish oil supplements or flaxseed oil as the fatty acid source, many do not know the difference between them.

This is important because you should know which omega 3 acid is the most efficient. ALA, EPA, and DHA are all omega 3 fatty acids but only two of them are biologically active.

The differences between them and why these fatty acids are named omega 3 I have explained in the Fatty Acid Structure part.

Omega 3 Benefits

Using fish oil in the skin and joint diseases is important because they have an anti-inflammatory effect. This effect can be more or less efficient.

One factor is the amount of omega 6 compared to omega 3.

Do you know why?

No – well then look here. In the chapter Omega 3 Benefits, I explain the anti-inflammatory effect and the role of omega 6.

Omega 3 and 6 Interactions are crucial to understanding. Omega 6 fatty acids are very common and essential. But too much has a devastating effect on the body.

A common misunderstanding is a Ratio Between Omega 3 and 6. We as humans get loads of omega 6 because of our modern diet.

The same is valid for the dogs. Your dog doesn’t need any more omega 6, but extra omega 3 supplementation is very important.

Although most of my customers use fish oil supplements or fluid oil as a source of fatty acids, many of them are unaware of the difference between them.

This is important because you need to know which omega acid is more effective ALA, EPA, and DHA are all omega 3 fatty acids, but only two of them are active.

The difference between them and why these fatty acids are called omega, I explain the composition of fatty acid components.

This can be done by giving Omega 3 Capsules. Here you also get information on why capsules might be so much better as omega 3 supplementation compared to liquids.

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