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Nutrition And Health Benefits Of Spinach – A Wonder Food

Spinach really is a wonder food that’s full of massive amounts of nutrients while offering a low calorie count at the same time. Such leafy greens as spinach are really important for our hair, skin, and also for our bone health. Besides the health benefits of spinach, they offer protein, vitamins, iron and minerals to help your health in so many different ways.

Benefits Of Spinach – Nutrition And Health

Before getting into the benefits of consuming spinach, let’s first check out how much nutrition does it carry.

Nutrition Value Of Spinach

As mentioned earlier, this leafy green comes with high amount of nutrients while being low in the number of calories. A single cup of the raw spinach carries:

  • 7 calories
  • 30 mg calcium
  • 86 g protein
  • 81 g iron
  • 167 mg potassium
  • 24 mg magnesium
  • 58 mg folate
  • 2813 IU Vitamin A

Spinach also carries fiber, vitamin K, thiamine and phosphorus. A large number of calories that Spinach has to offer are from carbohydrates and protein.

Health Benefits Of Spinach

There are quite a few benefits that spinach has to offer you and some of them are related to your overall health while others are related to the health of your hair and skin. Let’s check out a few of them.

  1. It Fights Off Brittle Hair

Similar to lots of other leafy greens, spinach has an amazing nutrient profile as described above. It comes with lots of vitamin A, iron, beta carotene, vitamin C and folate. All of them work in unison to provide you with a really healthy scalp as well as mane. It helps keep your hair moisturized at all times so that your hair does not break. So, consume spinach and get your best baby hair brush 2021 to style it in whatever way you like. They’ll become long, strong and beautiful.

  1. It Helps Manage Diabetes

Spinach comes with an antioxidant called alpha-lipolic acid that is known to lower the levels of glucose, increase sensitivity of insulin, and also prevent any stress-induced, oxidative changes in the patients who have diabetes.

There have been some other studies on the alpha-lipolic acid that show it helps decreasing peripheral neuropathy as well as the autonomic neuropathy in patients suffering from diabetes.

Most of the studies, however, have made use of intravenous alpha-lipolic acid which means it’s not certain yet whether same benefits could be achieved with oral supplementation or not.

  1. It Helps Prevent Cancer

Spinach as well as different other greens carry chlorophyll. And, there have been quite a lot of studies to show that chlorophyll is effective in blocking carcinogenic effects produced by the heterocyclic amines. They are generated when the foods are grilled at high temperature. It can further contribute towards prevention of cancer growth.

  1. It Helps In Controlling Blood Pressure

Because of the high potassium content in Spinach, it is recommended for those who have high blood pressure issues. Potassium may turn out to be helpful in reducing sodium effects in your body too. Low intake of potassium may turn out be a major risk factor for the development of high blood pressure issues just like the case with high intake of sodium.

  1. Bone Health

When your body doesn’t get enough supply of Vitamin K, it gets a higher risk of getting bone fractures. So, that means, consuming enough of vitamin K is really important to have good health because it modifies the bone matrix proteins, enhances absorption of calcium, and even reduces the calcium amount that leaves our body through urine.

So, these are a few of the amazing benefits that one can enjoy through the consumption of spinach. Whether you want to look beautiful or you just want to enjoy a healthy life, Spinach is what you need for keeping a perfect balance. So, include it in your diet routine today and see what benefits it brings.

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