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New Zealand Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) and Visa

You no longer have to wait in long queues at the embassy or consulate to get your New Zealand ETA.

A visa in New Zealand is designed to make it faster and easier by simply filling out the form, arranging to pay with a valid credit card, and finally, within hours you get your New Zealand ETA.

It is important to consider the following before applying for an ETA visa in New Zealand:

The Visa New Zealand application we provide will be considered for a visitor or student visa.

It will not take more than 90 days for a New Zealand visa for travel, visit, vacation, study, and work needs.

A visa for New Zealand does not apply to citizens and residents of New Zealand or Australia.

British citizens can hold the New Zealand electronic travel approval form for no more than six months.

You will be asked to provide proof that you have enough money to support yourself financially after your arrival in New Zealand.

New Zealand visa requirements

If you are thinking of traveling to New Zealand, you should consider one of the New Zealand visa requirements. If you plan to study, visit or work in New Zealand, you may need a New Zealand visa or permit.

New Zealand Student Visas and Permits

If you want to study in New Zealand for more than three months, you may need a study visa or permit. However, if you are a New Zealand Australian citizen, you will not need a visa or permit, you must have a permanent residence in New Zealand or you are an Australian with a permanent resident visa or current resident return visa.

If you want to study a single course that is less than three months in duration and approve or exempt from the New Zealand qualifying authority, you can apply for a visitor visa.

New Zealand Visa
New Zealand Visa

If you go to study for two or more short courses, you will need a student visa or permit.

You also need to meet health and character requirements and prove that you can help yourself financially while in New Zealand.

New Zealand visitor visa

If you come from Australia or a visa-free country, and your visit is for three months (or less than six months from the UK), you will not need a New Zealand visitor visa. Diplomats, aircrew, and cruise ship passengers also exempted. All other people need to apply for a visitor visa.

When evaluating your New Zealand visa requirements, you must show that you are in good health and of good character. Your passport must be valid for at least three months as per your wish to leave New Zealand. You must also prove that there are ways and means to leave New Zealand.

You also need to show that you have enough money to support yourself during your visit to New Zealand.

With a visitor visa, you can stay in New Zealand for the longest period of nine months. If you are from a visa-free country, you can stay for three months (or six months from the UK).

New Zealand work visa

If you want to work in New Zealand permanently or temporarily, there are many options that you can consider.

Those aged 18-30 may be eligible for work leave permits depending on their nationality.

Some types of work may not require a work visa, for example. If you go on a business trip and Australian citizens are also exempt.

If you have a job offer from a New Zealand employer or you are a student or trainee. You may be eligible for a temporary work visa or permit.

To live and work in New Zealand permanently as a skilled immigrant you must first fill out an Expression of Interest form. This form will evaluate your suitability and apply points accordingly. You need at least 100 points to submit this form.

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