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Salah Mat is an Islamic prayer mat specifically designed to teach children how to do the Muslim prayer in a fun and interactive way. The interactive prayer mat has touch-sensitive buttons, which are sensitive enough to read the soft sound, like prayer times, to show the symbol, like a circle, or the word Allah. When the child presses a button, it plays the prerecorded prayer line or a favorite verse of the Quran. Then when a child moves his/her finger, the prayer mat slides along the surface, showing him or her how to perform the prayer. The more times the child presses the button, the deeper the color of the prayer mat.

Blue Prayer Mat

Many Salah mats come with a built-in blue prayer mat, which can also be used to teach kids about their religious obligation while learning how to pray. Prayer rugs come in different designs and colors to suit every child’s preferences. They are also washable and durable to ensure cleanliness. In addition, some models are double-sided, so that the child can also learn about his or her obligations and pray with both hands.

Another aspect of the Salah Mat is its touch-sensitive feature. Most prayer mats are made out of thick, heavy material that would not be comfortable for children to sit on. But the Salah Mat has been designed with ultra-thin, yet thick rawhide covering. The thick, heavy pad ensures that the child will not fall off the prayer mat. Since it is touch-sensitive, you will know if the child has sat down on the mat or not without having to touch it.

This prayer mat comes with an easy-to-follow DVD that teaches the young students how to pray and portray the way of life expected of a Muslim. There are also short instructional videos that you can view while you wait for your turn to pray. This DVD is an essential tool for imitating the way of praying in Islam as told by the prophet when God supposedly told the prophet Muhammad (SAW) to only pray to his wife, children, and relatives. Muslim families should always keep in touch with each other so that they can fulfill their obligations to each other.

prayer mats

The prayer mats come in two variants – with or without embroidery. Whichever variant you opt for, the Salah Mat will definitely provide the support the worshiper needs during their prayers. They can either purchase the mat separately or they can get the whole kit which comes with all the required material, including prayer mats. This kit will cost more than the separate prayer mat, but since it comes complete, it could be considered an investment, especially for frequent prayer goers.

There are many types of grey prayer mats and rugs available for Muslim worshipers. These include Designer rugs, Designer Karnehs, Designer Plain Cloth prayer mats, Red silk prayer mats, Egyptian cotton prayer rugs, Red silk kameez rugs, etc. The rugs and the mats are made using the best quality materials and designed in such a way that they complement the outfits of the worshippers. The designs of these prayer rugs and mats are also specific to the mosques and cultural norms prevalent in the mosques.

Nowadays there are a variety of online stores that offer a wide range of Muslim prayer mats and rugs, at affordable prices. There are many websites that cater to the needs of the customers and help them find out the right prayer mat for them. These online stores not only offer a wide range of Muslim prayer mats and rugs, but also a large variety of other products such as prayer cushions. These prayer cushions can help you find comfort and style in addition to praying. You may choose from a large collection of cushions such as the ones depicting the Haban takht, 

prayer rug

In case you do not have the resources or time to visit any Muslim neighborhood or prayer rug shop then the best option for you is to buy directly from a renowned and popular name in the market. There are numerous manufacturers available in the market and all of them deal with a wide range of products, but the quality is not uniform. So it is important that you choose a leading brand that deals with the most exquisite prayer rugs and mats. Amongst all the leading brands the biggest and best known is the Ghaira. This particular prayer rug is popular not only amongst Muslims but also among people of all cultures and societies. The reason for its popularity is the beautiful design that has been embedded on the rug and the perfect stitching work that has been done on the prayer more

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