Microsoft has Highlighted 4 Secrets of Organizing Productive Work of Employees

With the growing pace of globalization, the geography of presence of employees working together on projects is expanding. In addition, barriers appear in the form of data protection programs, which only interferes with the productive work of employees. How can we avoid geographic and organizational barriers to disrupt collaboration?

Collaboration between employees has changed dramatically in recent years. People have to receive and process a large amount of information that, quite possibly, is not related to the workflow. As a result, employees work and share tasks across organizational barriers, geographic boundaries, and poor technical support. Despite this, they must continue to operate efficiently and in step with the rapidly developing market.

Microsoft, as always considering the problems of today’s business. It is constantly developing its tools for fast and productive work of employees. Despite the large number of new innovative products, it is SharePoint that remains the main tool for ensuring collaboration.

For the last online conference on SharePoint, Microsoft has identified 4 secrets of the work of SharePoint for organizing the fruitful work of employees. Below we provide a brief description of these “secrets”, many of which have long been a reality in our business life.

Secrets of Organizing Productive Work of Employees

1)  Mobility

Collaboration should be available 24/7 from any device.

According to the research, about 65% of the time searching for information falls on mobile devices. Until a couple of years ago, phones and tablets weren’t as popular for work-related issues.

Today, the employee wants to have in his pocket constant access to working documents and the ability to solve problems together with colleagues “on their knees” in order to be effective.

This is why Microsoft is so active in its OneDrive business. It is with OneDrive that the proper level of mobility is ensured. OneDrive storage lets you access your files wherever you are and share them with your team. Integration with Office 365 allows collaborative editing of projects, from one device to another.

2) Creativity

The return of creativity to work.

When working on a project, the last thing an employee has to worry about is safety. About 12% of all employees still do not exchange data digitally.

SharePoint allows you to collaborate on the latest information without worrying about a secure connection.

To do this, Microsoft creates new site templates for SharePoint, and the latest version introduces a new type of Dynamics Team Site that provides a project, team, department, or department with a collaborative space on a single page. However, presented on a library site, SharePoint lists can be linked to all other Office 365 resources or other applications.

You can also choose from a variety of interactions to suit your diverse work styles and functional needs. For example, using Microsoft Teams on the Office 365 platform provides a digital workspace with a modern online approach to communication and built-in access to SharePoint, OneNote, and Skype for Business.

Secret 3) Search

Time should be used to create, not search for, information.

Information overload can confuse even the most organized person and disrupt the entire work process. On average, the head of a department receives about 136 emails every day, while an average employee can receive up to 75.

The availability of the necessary and up-to-date information allows you to correctly build the process and formulate ideas that help to make the right decisions for competent business management. One of the popular solutions for finding content, people, tasks in one space is Microsoft Delve, the intelligent information search of which is implemented using the Microsoft Graph. It works behind the scenes based on the type of work you do, your coworkers and the tasks you are working on, it makes your search as productive and relevant as possible. And while Graph uses deep data analysis, it has a fairly sophisticated security system. personal information.

We are confident that Microsoft Graph will be the flagship content management product next year. We are looking forward to announcements and the possibility of using it for solving applied problems.

Secret 4) Automation

Automation of repetitive commands.

Despite the fact that the company’s policy should be transparent and have its own generally accepted processes, for most employees, these processes are rather the enemy, preventing them from approaching the task more creatively.

Research by CIO Insight shows that 98% of CIOs see process automation as an essential step in ensuring business profitability.

Microsoft SharePoint is still a key platform for process automation that frees employees from repetitive tedious tasks, thereby focusing them on work. It has created new SharePoint-integrated process automation tools. Microsoft Flow enables you to automate simple processes based on SharePoint lists and integrated with the cloud services required by business users. And PowerApps helps you create forms and rich interactive apps on Android, iOS, or Windows devices to work with data.

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