Making the most of custom rigid boxes

Custom rigid boxes have revolutionized the packaging world. Products and packaging both require equal importance. Good quality boxes like custom rigid boxes give an impression of a high-quality product and offer better value for money. Besides, they provide a pleasant feeling to the eyes of the customer. As the range of the products has diversified, so have custom rigid boxes. These are one of the best innovations in the packaging industry so far. They offer convenience and protection.

Emerging business entities understand the importance of using cardboard-based boxes that have more demand in the mainstream markets. I consider these boxes market-oriented, especially after the rise of e-commerce. I use them for shipping and displaying, storing, and transporting. Most environmentalists are glad that the days of plastic-based packaging are over because it was eating away from our world. These boxes offer protection for presenting and displaying the products placed inside.

It made custom printed rigid boxes from the finest stocks available with the printing and packaging firms. Sometimes clients select the stock options that have texture on them. The ink behaves differently on these stocks. Only seasoned printing and packaging companies can forecast what is going to look good in the end and advise their clients accordingly.

When opting for custom printed rigid boxes, it is important to give specific product details to the packaging company. This way margin for error is controlled. Packaging companies always give priority to the demand of their clients. But, they advise them to accord to the forecasted trends and their experience. Remember that a slight mistake in measurement can cause the entire order to be wasted. Therefore, special attention must pay when communicating product details.

Add-ons for wholesale boxes

Several add-ons go on custom rigid packaging boxes. These add-ons add to the appeal of these boxes. Some of them include;

Spot UV

Instead of treating the entire surface of the custom rigid packaging boxes with UV, only selected areas from the design treat with it. This option is great for adding an optical illusion to the rigid packaging. The companies that want to keep their logos hidden opt for this add-on. Using Spot UV adds drama to these boxes. Areas treated with Spot UV remain visible even in dim lights.

Laminations for rigid packaging

Clients can select different laminations to go on rigid packaging boxes. It is a perfect tool for adding grace and protection to these boxes. Lamination is available as matte and gloss. The preference of using matte and/or gloss lamination depends on the clients. Whichever lamination they use makes the visual content appear better. It also makes the visual content and the surface of the rigid packaging boxes smudge and scratch-proof.

A very attractive aspect of using custom printed rigid boxes is the branding opportunity for the seller. Many sellers achieve economies of scale through bulk production of the packaging stuff. Printing;

1. Beautiful designs

2. Catchy slogans

3. Flashy artworks

4. Logos

5. Relevant information

6. Trademarks

7. Vivid colors, etc.

On the boxes serve as promotional material and grab the attraction of the customers. It provides direct promotion and helps the sellers to establish brand loyalty with the customers.

Get your hands on custom rigid boxes

Great rigid boxes remain in the memory of customers for a long time, as brand identity. Customers develop sentimental value with premium packaging, as with luxury gifts. The fancier the box is, the higher the perceived value of the gift is. Get yours from ClipnBox today.

Get impressive custom rigid boxes designed from ClipnBox. Let our experts help you select the best options in packaging and printing designs, print options and finishes.

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