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Small Earbuds That Fit in Your Ears

People with small ears find it hard to get a pair of high-quality earbuds for small ears that fit well in their ears. Many headphones have large earbuds which do not fit in the ear and cause pain and fatigue over time. Especially people with small ears face this problem. Luckily, you can find some small earbuds that perfectly fit in ears and do not touch the outer part of the ear canal.

For this purpose, a list of the best earbuds for small ears has been made. In order to find for you the best earbuds, plenty of headphones and earbuds were analyzed. Below is the list of the best among them for small ears. However, before jumping on the list, let us first understand what you need to consider while buying earbuds.

1: Wireless or Wired Earbuds

What is your priority? Charging your earbuds daily or plugging and playing the music? Either option decides whether you want wireless earbuds or wired. In the case of the former, you need wireless earbuds.

2: Build Quality

Just because you want to buy small earbuds does not mean you should compromise on build quality. For many people, buying a new set of earbuds means an investment that should last for a long time. The usage of earbuds is for sports or when a person is on the go. Headphones with good build quality are another consideration a person should look to.

3: Price

Before buying a new thing, price is the most important thing to remember. The same is the case with earbuds. Some may wait for cheap but good headphones. On the other hand, some may be willing to spend a lot more in the quest for better sound quality.

In either case, the list below has options where you will find affordable as well as pricy earbuds for small ears.

4: Sound Quality

Some people may prefer sound quality but some may not understand when audiophiles rant about frequency charts and graphs. A person preferring sound quality will buy a pair of earbuds accordingly.

Without wasting more time, let us directly have a look at the high-quality earbuds for small ears.

1: Aftershokz Air Bone Conduction Earphones

Unlike other earbuds in the list, this pair is bone conduction earphones that work differently from other earphones. As far as their working is concerned, bone conduction earphones work by transmitting sounds in your skin through the bones. Then they are transferred to sound with the small bone that rattles the eardrum.

Its most important use is in sports and the military where spatial awareness of surroundings is significant. In addition to this, people with small ears also find them useful and attractive. For them, these earbuds are not as intrusive as in-ear models and are more portable than full-size earphones. Everyone likes these headphones.

Another important thing that makes them the best is it is coming with an excellent price, Bluetooth included, and IPX water resistance. No doubt, Aftershokz is a symbol of this tech.

2: Master and Dynamics ME05

Being a premium headphone brand, Master and Dynamics manufacturers some of the best-looking earbuds available in the market. Additionally, this brand in a collaboration with Louis Vuitton released an LV branded version of their MW07 headphones.

The ME05 is the traditional wired earbuds from the brand and they have an ergonomically and very small friend housing. Unlike other earbuds reviewed above, this pair does not have a barrel-like design. Rather they come with nestles snuggly and pea-sized outer drops into your ear between anti-tragus and tragus for a comfortable fit.

However, the sound quality is not the best on the list but it is still good and hearable. If you are not listening to critical compositions, the boomy bass and warm mids in collaboration with rolled treble produce a pleasant sound.

3: LG Tone Ultra Alpha

The LG Tone is the most random product on the list. Being a Bluetooth speaker, it first wears around your neck. It can be used in either way; as a Bluetooth speaker only or if you are going around the house or the garden moving from one place to another, it joins you. Moreover, instead of coming from one side of the room, it delivers a stereo sound.

4: Beats Flex Wireless

The Beats Flex Wireless is among the best high-quality earbuds for small ears on the list. These well-built headphones come with a plastic design, flexible silicone, and small earbuds. Although their in-ear fit is not very deep, they are comfortable in using once you use them according to differently-sized ear tips. In addition to this, they are stable enough for workouts even without ear hooks and stability fins to help them be in place.

As far as the sound quality is concerned, their bass-heavy sound profile delivers extra punch, boom, and thump, and makes them perfectly suitable for bass-rich genres such as hip-hop and EDM. However, some listeners may find this quality overwhelming. Besides, their long-lasting battering can work for 11 hours.

Unfortunately, their shortcoming lies in their integrated mic which delivers a mediocre performance. That is the reason you may face disturbance during phone calls, especially in noisy surroundings. Moreover, the companion app of this article also lacks features presets or EQ which helps adjust the sound according to your taste.

Despite all this, these good-looking and brightly-colored earbuds deliver a decent sound at an affordable price.

5: Anker SoundCore Life P3 Truly Wireless

These affordable and well-built earbuds for small ears have a stable and comfortable fit. Coming in lightweight design, they bocks ambient sounds such as the low rumble of plane and bus engines. Furthermore, a bass-rich sound profile of these high-quality earbuds for small ears produces detailed and clear vocals.

Besides, through companion apps, you can customize features as you like. Unfortunately, you may notice audio syncing issues due to their high latency. Except that, their short battery life of up to 6 hours is a matter of disturbance, especially during your long day trip. However, for charging a portable charging case comes with this which can hold four additional charges.

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