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Major Challenges in Software Testing with their Solutions

Technology keeps on evolving with time and so are the techniques of developing software. If one wants to build a successful software then it has to go through different challenges and pass all the tests. Hence, it is necessary to conduct the proper testing of software to get better results. Testing helps to track the progress of software development process and showcase the defects and errors if any in the software testing services in usa. 

Now, there are two methodologies followed for software development. One is the traditional , Waterfall model, as per which the testing was not done until the product gets ready. It has its own set of disadvantages. But recently people have started following the Agile methodology, where the whole process is divided into small processes and this brings in another set of challenges. Software Development services USA adopts any of the methodology as per the requirement of the project and client’s demand.We will be discussing these challenges in detail along with the proposed solution.


1)High chances of Communication gap

When a number of people work together on a project then it is common to have an issue of communication gap within the team. The people involved in the team are all of different mindsets as some are testers, some are developers, some are project managers, some are technical designers. Hence, it is necessary to tone down the differences among them and bring all of them on the same page. If not managed properly, then this can lead to a lot of issues and confusions.

 Furthermore conditions which leads to communication gap are:

a)When some of the team members are working remotely and are in a different time zone, then it gets difficult to make collaborative decisions.

b)Also, all the team members are not uniform in using the same tool. This breaks the expected synchronization in the team software testing services in usa.

c)It might happen that the testers have found some defect and they resolved it by some way, without informing the developer, who actually worked on the software testing services in usa.

Any of the above or all of the above may appear daily or multiple times during the project course. This may lead to delay in project completion. Now, let’s look into how to resolve it.


a)To define the goals of the project very clearly and in an easy to understandable form.

b)Putting up team meetings at regular intervals.

c)Raising queries and resolving them, then and there during the team so that if anyone else has any other opinion , then they can share it right away.

d)Using one common platform to communicate with each other.

e)Maintaining transparency in communication regarding the project throughout the organization.

2)Lack of Proper Documentation

Every project has specific requirements and accordingly they expect features and functionalities in the software. But these all keep on changing with time due to the rapid development in technologies. So, it is very important that whenever the features of the software are discussed with the client , it should be well documented in a place and it should be updated as and when the discussion progresses.

When the information about expectations from the project will be incomplete, then obviously the accuracy of the information gathering will be very low. Many times the communication happens verbally, but it is very important to jot down every point on a fixed document.


a)Prepare an extensive list which includes all the basics as well as the critical requirements and objectives of the project.

b)The same documentation should be kept updated with any change or add-on in the requirement.

c)The documentation should be detailed enough to serve as the base for Testers for Quality Assurance.

d)The documentation should be accessible to all relevant members of the team so that the changes can be updated accordingly.

3)Diverse Testing Environment

There are a wide variety of devices and gadgets available today and it keeps on upgrading every six months. Also, there are a number of different web apps and mobile apps available in the market. So, it is not possible to get the apps tested on each and every device. 

Although emulators and simulators can be useful in the early phases of software development, they cannot guarantee performance of even top-notch applications in real-world scenarios. Only once the programme is tested on real devices , the real-time issues are discovered.

This necessitates the use of device laboratories which can evaluate a wide range of combinations of device-browser-OS. Another issue is that it may be difficult to track the status of the current build if the duties of each member of the team are not clearly stated.


a)Develop a systematic blueprint to capture the requirements, assign relevant resources with complementary skill sets, and purchase the infrastructure needed to create new environments.

b)BrowserStack, which is a cloud-based testing tool, is a nice choice to move ahead with. Its real device cloud enables teams to test the apps as well as the web pages on a variety of device-browser-OS combinations by allowing them to choose from almost 2000 genuine devices and browsers.

c)Early in the testing lifecycle, start formalizing the core requirements of the testing environments.

4)Not Testing it Completely

Various test combinations should be performed on a trustworthy and faultless project. It’s particularly important for complex applications, but you can understand how long that takes. Testing is, without a doubt, a time-consuming procedure. But it is mandatory to have a robust application.

Also, there is always a chance of human error in the testing process. Clients always want to keep a competitive edge, thus they want software teams to deliver solutions in a shorter duration of time. For teams who are testing, it’s a really stressful position. So, there is always a chance of inadequate testing which might result in product failure at a later stage software testing services in usa.


a)Companies should create a list of criteria that are prioritized. It will assist in identifying the regions that require testing sooner.

b)Also, try to figure out the right balance between the manual and the automated testing.

c)Keep track of time because bottlenecks and development impediments can cause an unnecessary haste and delay during testing procedure.


Today’s software programmes are increasingly difficult to manage. A tough test environment is created by the regularly changing specification requirements and the quick development cycle. Everything must be optimized for good testing outcomes, from gathering important project elements to building automated test cases. Hence, make sure that if you come across the above mentioned issues then go for the suggested solutions to make a successful app.


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