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Lead Your Business To Victory With Our Uber For Tow Truck App Solution

Currently, there is an app to solve every problem. Everything can be done online, from beauty services to online grocery ordering. However, the demand for roadside assistance and a tow truck are high-demand startups.

With the advancement in mobile technology and therefore the rise of on-demand app solutions, such apps bring a sigh of relief. Today, tow trucks or roadside assistance is offered on-demand anytime and anywhere.

You might think of it as when you are driving somewhere, and your car is having trouble middle on the highway. You call the towing truck and the towing agency and no one has to pick up your call; what to do?

Why can’t we have an app to book a tow truck, roadside assistance, or other services? The app works in the same way as ordering food or booking a taxi. Entrepreneurs have a lot of potential with the on-demand tow truck.

On-demand roadside assistance business often involves the mind when puzzling over new business ideas. As a business concept, it’s been successful. Several startups have launched similar businesses and have done extremely well. the very fact that several people need such a service makes it a really appropriate business idea for a brand new entrepreneur to pursue.

Uber has developed a tow truck application, HONK, that helps people stuck on the highways or in other locations where it is difficult to assist.


Uber’s popularity can be attributed to many factors:

  • Offers a more convenient service than traditional taxi companies.
  • This alternative offers consumers an alternative to traditional corporate service models offered by other transportation companies.
  • Uber provides a better level of customer service than traditional taxi companies. Uber employs drivers with friendly personalities.
  • Customers can rate their drivers using the service, allowing companies to hold drivers responsible and improve quality control.
  • Uber customers can track their driver on a screen and estimate when they will arrive. It is far better than waiting indefinitely for a taxi that won’t show up.

Uber has been able to expand rapidly into new markets all over the globe as a result. Despite growing competition from ride-sharing companies like Lyft, Uber is expected to generate $10 billion in revenue. It is expected that the company will continue to grow based on current trends.


The best Uber for tow trucks and roadside help apps around the globe

The popularity and rise of mobile apps that offer roadside assistance on-demand are evident from their global launch. Let’s look at some following tow trucks and roadside help apps around the globe. (U.S), a U.S.-based startup, provides a mobile platform that allows you to request a tow truck or roadside assistance. It connects roadside assistance providers and tow truck drivers with customers needing roadside assistance. The app allows customers to pay directly for the service they need.

Honk (U.S)

Honk, another tow truck or roadside assistance app, is available in many U.S. cities. You can access various services such as flatbed towing and exotic car towing, tire changing, jump start, lockout or out of fuel, and many other emergencies.

StrandD (India)

The Strand-D provides 24/7 on-demand towing and roadside assistance services. Strand-D provides immediate assistance in over 1500 Indian cities and towns. There are more than 17k roadside professionals and towing specialists. You don’t have to be a member of any service. They offer a pay-per-use policy.

Morni (Saudi Arabia)

Morni, a popular towing and roadside service app in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, provides 24/7 assistance to customers. The app provides essential services like flat tire repair, fuel delivery, battery repair, and towing. You need to request the service you require, and Morni will locate the closest service provider to you at competitive prices.


How does the Roadside Assistance App work?

Users can log in using a phone number, email address, or social account to book tow truck services.

Based on the list, they can choose the service for the tow truck.

Next, the customer will share their location with the tow truck companies.

Customer shares vehicle information, such as model, color, plate number, registration number, etc.

The selected service provider arrived on the spot and completed the service request. Then, based on their experience, they gave feedback.


Feature Of Tow Truck App

User App

Social Login

Users can sign up via their Facebook, Google, or email accounts.

View Providers

Login in will allow the user to view a list with details such as name, rating, and review.

Book Services

Users can choose service providers and then book services based on their needs.

Payment Options

The user can pay for the services using various payment options, including cash, credit, and an in-app wallet.

Review and Rating

The user completed the service request and gave a review and rating to the provider based on their experience.

Track location

You can locate the service provider’s location live and determine the time it arrives.


Tow truck provider app

Manage Document

The service provider will add/modify necessary documents such as driving license, ID proof, and vehicle insurance.

Add Services

A service provider offers additional services or packages.

Manage Service Request

A service provider sees future service requests and manages them by accepting or rejecting options.

Map Navigation

Service providers can use Google Map Navigation within the app to find the exact location and the shortest route.

Earnings History

View completed, cancel, pending, and running service requests from a service provider with all details.

Manage Profile

The profile information of a service provider includes name, address, and profile picture.


How much does it cost to develop a Tow Truck App?

Two main factors affect the cost of developing an application for roadside assistance: the technology used and the location in which the app is built.

The cost of developing both Android and iOS apps for tow trucks may rise. You may also need to add custom features to your app.

WhiteLabelFox offers the best roadside assistance script for your tow truck company. As per your requirements, we offer both Android and iOS apps. Contact us for more information.



An app is the best option to take your business to the next level. Whitelabelfox is a top towing company app development company that can provide high-quality On-Demand Tow Truck App solutions for your business. These apps can be launched immediately because they are fully built. Developers promise that the app will have uber-like towing features that will increase your business’s success.

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