Knowledge about the Sign on the Tyres of Cars and Bikes

Getting a handle on all of the details in picking the suitable tyres for your car or motorcycles might be overwhelming for a first-time tyre purchase. Our number one focus has always been safe driving. If you wind up having the wrong pair of tyres on the tires, we would like to prevent that from happening. That is why we are providing you with a tutorial to assist you in deciphering tyre marks.

Learning to Read the Sidewall

If you look more closely at the sidewall of Bridgestone Tyres Reading, you would find that it has several marks and writing. Now let us start with the text and work our way through it before moving on to the marks. For instance, the sentence “P215/65 R16 95H” could be in this manner.


This abbreviation stands for a commercial vehicle. Likewise, the letters LT will denote a tyre designed for light-duty vehicles.


The diameter of the tyre between edge to edge (measured in millimetres) is specified. If you want to upgrade to a larger tyre, this is the figure that you should pay close attention to.


The average diameter of the tyre would be the next item on the list. It is the ratio of the elevation of a tyre’s merge to the length of the tyre. The greater the aspect ratio of your tyre, the larger it will be. A greater tyre pressure results in more pleasant trips, however at the expense of car manoeuvrability.


In definition, it is an abbreviation for Radial. These would be the pneumatic tyres that are most often used nowadays. This is because they provide superior traction and a more uniform tread contact with the ground. This translates into improved efficiency. If there is a B in place of the R, it indicates that it is a Bias tyre, and vice versa.


This figure means the size of the wheels. A further factor to check for when upgrading the tyres on your vehicle or SUV is the size. This code is also significant in that it determines whether or not the tyre is compatible with your car.


The load-carrying capability of the tyre is represented by this value. It is necessary to consult the company’s documentation to have an understanding of the exact load-carrying capability of the tyre. All tyre retailers are required to offer this content to customers under state law.


And last but not least, the velocity ratings. When purchasing a set of vehicles or SUV tyres, this is yet another vital consideration. Even if you expect to travel largely on freeways, a greater speed rating can help you maintain control of the tyre temperature throughout those tough dry areas.

Let’s Get to the Markings

Now let us take a brief look at some of the additional marks you could see on a tyre.

PSI is an abbreviation for “Pressure Specification Inflation.”

It is shown by the right quantity of air density that must be kept to maintain the tyre rotating at peak performance effectiveness. The PSI of your automobile tyres may have a considerable influence on the fuel efficiency and groove wear of the tyres.


Even if you’re a fan of adverse weather conditions, these marks will inform you if the tyre you are purchasing is suitable for use in warm or cold seasonal changes or not. However, you could always consult with a local professional store if you want to know more.

Obtaining Regulation Clearance

A marking such as the ISI symbol, which indicates that the tyre has been approved by the authorised authorities for manufacturing and safety measures, is useful.

Directional Angles

Single direction grooves are often marked with symbols to denote a forward orientation on tyres with such treads. Irregular tyres, on the other hand, feature in and out indications on them.

Now that you’re familiar with the terminology, you’ll be able to communicate effectively and discover the ideal tyres for your favourite car. If you find yourself in a bind, you may come to see us.

Fast Portable Tyre solution

In addition to making your life simpler and more pleasant, Baz Tyres provides a specialised, fast, and economical Portable Tyre Installation solution that covers Readings and the neighbouring areas. Whenever you order tyres from us digitally, you may opt to have our portable service rendered to you at a place of your convenience.

Consumers who purchase new wheels from Baz Tyres may take advantage of our simple and economical Mobile Tyre Fitting Reading. You decide when and where we will meet. We shall deliver your new wheels as well as all of the appropriate tools. On request, we could discard your worn tires in a manner that is both ecologically suitable and easily.

Reliable Tyre Shop in the Locality

We have established ourselves as a reliable tyre shop in the locality. We supply our selection depending on what our consumers have shown an interest in. For a variety of car models, you may choose from a broad array of summer and all-season versions. Besides 4×4 and sports tyres, we additionally supply run-flat tyres, agricultural tyres, as well as RV tyres.

Furthermore, we never cut corners when it comes to durability. As a result, you can shop with confidence for luxury, mid-range, and affordable goods.

At Baz Tyres, we exclusively deal with specialists who do have the necessary training and experience to perform secure tyre repair procedures. Furthermore, each tyre technician at our site receives ongoing support and learning. This is in place to keep them abreast of the newest technological developments and product offerings.

Installation of a Spare Tyre in a Crisis

Are you on the side of the road because your tyre has gone flat? In no time at all, you will be back on track thanks to our portable tyre installation Reading solutions. Please contact us and then let us know wherever you are so that we can get to you as soon as possible.


Travelling on the worn-out or perhaps even punctured tyres is exceedingly risky. It comes as no surprise that this is the case. To avoid placing your security in danger, it is preferable to contact our professionals. Have them visit you with a fresh set of wheels.

Please do not waste your time searching the web for “portable tyre installation around me.” Simply please get in touch.

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