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Know Your Mattress and Its Purpose

It is vital in today’s time to have the right kind of mattress to ensure a comfortable sleep. However, with a variety of options available, one can get lost in the process. Here, we have mentioned a few mattresses like crib mattress, twin mattress, queen mattress in a box etc and their characteristics.

What Are Various Types of Mattresses?

There is a range of mattresses varying from each other in heights and widths. The following are a few examples.

A Crib Mattress

Straight from its name, the crib mattress is made to fit inside a cradle. The standard size of this bedding is roughly 2 feet by 4 feet. And following that, the mattress has a thickness of not more than 6 inches. Besides that, there are strict regulatory authorities monitoring the sizes of the crib mattresses for safety purposes; hence, it is quite easy to find the right mattress to fit in your crib.

When we imagine baby’s mattresses, we tend to think they should be soft, but it is actually the opposite. Soft mattresses are linked with sudden infant’s deaths; thus, another characteristic of this mattress is, it must be firm.

The Single Mattress

The single-sized mattress is usually 30 by 75.  It is a little bigger version of the mattress when the baby does not fit in the crib any longer.

The Twin Mattress

The twin mattress is the smallest standard-size mattress. It is a great option for children, and even for single sleepers to use in single beds. Besides that, this mattress is also a good fit for bunker beds.

The Twin XL Mattress

A little larger than the twin-sized mattress. To be precise, 5 inches extra in length. An ideal option when it comes to select a mattress for teenagers. During adolescence, the child sees a varying difference in their heights. Apart from that, this size is commonly used in college dorm rooms and university hostels. And, even in the boarding schools.

The Queen Mattress

The queen-size mattress is most likely available in every household as it suits all. Also, it is a commonly found mattress in the master bedroom. However, one can also use it in any room. So, get your room’s queen mattress in a box and enhance your sleeping quality. Furthermore, the mattress is quite big to accommodate two people.


queen mattress in a box
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The Full mattress

These size mattresses are also known as the standard double-size beds. Hence, having an addition of 16 inches more to a standard twin bed, this mattress is suitable for all and fits in almost every room.

The California Queen Mattress

The California Queen Size Mattress is generally 4 inches longer in length compared to a standard queen bed. Generally, ideal for people who are more than the average height. However, one could face difficulties in finding a bed frame or sheets for this size of this mattress; as it is not a standard size.

The Olympic Queen Mattress

Just like the California Queen Size mattress, this mattress is also not a standard size. Thus, it is troublesome to find appropriate bedding accessories and bed frames.

Apart from that, this bed is also known as the expanded version of the queen size mattress; as it is 6 inches wider than the standard.


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