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Whenever we travel to foreign countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, etc., we need to get validation for all of our personal and professional certificates from concerning government departments. UAE is the most promising land for better future opportunities and education for most foreign nationals. Lakhs of foreigners from different countries move to this beautiful Middle East country every year. They come in search of high-paid jobs, higher education, and to start a business in UAE. To get a job or admission to a college/school requires to verify all your employment offers and various necessary certificates before moving to the country.

This verification of certificates and documents is known as Attestation of certificates and documents. It needs to be completed by the Embassy of the destination country. UAE Embassy attestation is compulsory to follow for every person that needs to relocate to UAE for various personal and professional reasons. Immigrating to UAE includes many legal formalities and most importantly, document attestation. UAE has its own rules and regulations for document attestation process. You need to follow all the guidelines to get a visa for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other countries in UAE.

Certificate Attestation for UAE

Certificate Attestation means authenticating all your certificates and documents to get legal access to an overseas nation. The certificate attestation for Dubai passes via numerous govt. departments in country of origin and destination country. It involves Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), HRD department, Home department, and UAE Embassy in the Home country. You need to verify all your personal and academic documents to apply for an employment visa, family visa, spouse visa, immigration, etc. in Dubai. Attestation stamp from UAE Embassy on your certificates describes that they are effectively authenticated and stamped by the Dubai Embassy in your native country.

Since you may not be completely aware of the entire process of certificate attestation and need to get professional help in getting Certificate attestation for UAE. Many authentic attestation services agencies provide reliable attestation services to get you through this process easily. The experts of these agencies understand every know-how of attestation procedures. Besides supplying services, these experts can also help you to understand the entire system of certificate attestation.

UAE Embassy Attestation in India

The procedure of certificate attestation from UAE Embassy relies upon the type of certificate and document. There are three types of certificates, Educational certificates (Degree certificates, Diploma certificates, Mark sheets, HSC, etc.), Personal/Non-Educational certificates (Birth, Death, Divorce, Marriage certificates, etc.), and Commercial/Business documents (Power of Attorney, Bank statements, Invoices, etc.).

Procedure of UAE Embassy attestation for Educational certificates

  • Verification from issuing School/University of certificates
  • Verification from State education Department (HRD) of issuing state
  • Authentication from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), India
  • UAE Embassy Legalization in Home Country

You will complete attestation Degree Certificate UAE Embassy according to the above-mentioned process.

Procedure of UAE Embassy attestation for Private/Non-Educational certificates

There are 2 ways of Personal certificate attestation. They are –

Process 1:

  • Verification from State Home Department of respective issuing state
  • Authentication from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), India
  • UAE Embassy Legalization in Home Country

Process 2: (Case specific)

  • Verification from Sub Division Magistrate (SDM) of respective issuing state
  • Authentication from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), India
  • UAE Embassy Legalization in Home Country

Procedure of UAE Embassy attestation for Commercial documents

  • Verification from respective Chamber of Commerce
  • Authentication from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), India
  • UAE Embassy Legalization in Home Country

You need to be very careful when hiring services for UAE Embassy attestation in Delhi or other places, as there’s a chance that you may lose an excellent opportunity if you don’t have all of the essential attested certificates and documents with you. If you are dealing with any troubles in certificate attestation, then hire a legal and reliable attestation agency in Delhi. These agencies offer hassle-free and cost-effective services for certificate attestation in Delhi.

Why is it important to get certificate attestation in Mumbai for Dubai?

Any Mumbai citizen who’s willing to work in Dubai has to undergo a process of Certificate Attestation for Dubai in Mumbai. Legalization is an important process in which all your Mumbai originating documents and certificates get validation from Maharashtra Home Department and State Education Department. This is a primary stage of this process after which MEA and UAE Embassy will perform validation of certificates. You cannot obtain a UAE visa without legalizing your documents.

Certificate attestation not only validates your Certificates but also brings many advantages along with it. The importance of UAE Embassy Attestation for your personal and professional documents is as follows:

  • Work Permit in UAE;
  • Transit Visa;
  • Student Visa;
  • Traveling Visa;
  • Family Visa;
  • Residence Permit in UAE;
  • You can start or expand your Business in UAE, etc.

When your documents have a verification and legalization stamp, it brings more transparency of your authenticity and legitimacy to the UAE authority. You can move freely within the country and have all basic amenities such as place of residence, cell phone connection, bank accounts, etc. without any trouble. With legalization from relevant authorities, it secures you and your right as a foreigner in UAE. Legalization of documents will protect you by the Embassy of your country in UAE. You will not be considered an illegal foreigner, and you can always contact Indian embassy in case of any emergency in UAE. It will also secure your family and your dependents by securing their rights in the country.

How much does it cost for a UAE attestation service in India?

The UAE Embassy Attestation fee depends upon many factors such as type of certificates and documents, involving govt. authorities and countries, and other necessities of an applicant. A service charge for attestation may vary from agency to agency. It can be high or reasonable according to the attestation agency.

You need to be very picky when deciding on an attestation agency as it is all about submitting your original certificates to get an attestation. Getting it complete from a professional agency can end up this process of validation as beneficial and problem-free. There are numerous attestation service providers available all over India. Whether you need a UAE Embassy attestation in Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, or any other place, you can find a good attestation agency easily.


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