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Know about google and how you can make money with it

Know about google and how you can make money with it

Nowadays everyone wants to sit at the table and find money. Millions of people around the world are making money online by completing various tasks.

Google is considered the most important resource on the web for increasing personal income. In fact, Google pays publishers billions of dollars a year through millions of users who study science.

You can make normal profit by signing up for the listed Google services. If you are thinking about how to make money on Google, you need to find the right way to make money on Google. First let’s say this:

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How can I make money on Google?

Google’s goal is to analyze, organize, and easily access and understand information; Hence, it is much easier to monetize your system if you find the right path. Do you know how to create a free blog on Google?

In this article, we will let you know that you have chosen the best option on Google. You can now start your journey on Google in 6 steps.

Google AdSense: make money with your website

Google checks the slides on the website to see if they meet the highest quality standards. To create your website, you need to buy or create a new domain with WordPress or a blogger.

When you create a website, the content you submit plays a very important role in driving traffic to your website. After you set up your blog, you can easily sign up for Google AdSense.

When an ad reaches a visitor, Google pays 68% of what the advertiser pays. However, you need to read the content carefully in order to attract more visitors to the platform.

Google Pay is used to track digital payment services, but making money is easy. Android payments and Google wallet integration.

All you need to do is install the app from the Android Play Store. Select Enter bank account from the home screen. After adding and registering an account.

Create a bank account that UPIPIN can use or set your own PIN to pay. When you link your bank account to Google Pay, someone can invite your friends to Google Pay. When the invited friend makes the first payment for the link sent by the sender, you will receive 51 of the first usage transactions.

YouTube channel: distribute, download, share

This is the third option for making good money or making good use of YouTube. If a reasonable person can create a video for education, entertainment, business, or marketing and development, that person must create a channel on YouTube. After you edit or organize your video, you can upload it to your YouTube channel.

You must enable commercialization of your video. If your channel or video has more than 1,000 subscribers or 10,000 views, Google will automatically show ads with your video. Join the YouTube Partner Program and get approval before monetizing. This can be a good place to stay with your mother.

Google Award-Winning Surveys: Help You Share Your Opinion
This is not a common source of income like the one above, but sometimes you can make money to get Google Opinion Awards. The app must be installed in the Android Play Store or the iOS App Store.

This app was developed by the Google Survey team, so you need to fill out the survey quickly to get your Google Play balance. The questionnaire is distributed once a week after you have completed the form. After completing the test questions, you will earn your Google Play balance.

Credits can be used to purchase paid apps. You can easily make $ 1.00 in credit games by filling out the test form.

G-Suite Transfer Program: Profit Sharing

Google provides a referral system for the commercialization of Gite. For those who need to sign up for a referral system. The program provides a reference link. After registration, you can receive a referral link in the welcome email. Receive $ 7.5 per G Suite subscription. It is not available in all countries.

The process works. Once the transfer has started, you can try referring to G-Suite in human transfer links. By registering the promotional code on your personal data invoice within 14 days after the transfer, you are entitled to payment.

Once your eligibility has been accepted, you can receive payments to your bank account. The amount of the transfer depends on the number of paying users for 120 days or more.

There are two plans for G-Suite systems. The first is G-Suite and G-Suite Business.

Google AdMob: Commercialize Mobile Apps

Google AdMob is Google’s portable advertising company. You can make money with Google AdMob if you know how to import apps.

This allows developers to monetize their apps by renting homes and land where ads appear. It is also integrated with Google AdSense. You can create an application that gets a unique value and value for all users.

Participation in practice plays an important role in raising good money. After creating the application, install the AdMob application. Ads can appear as banners, videos, or internal ads. Learn more about how to earn $ 50 a day.

To run the app, you must activate it to find the ad and one or more ads. This shows the placements where the ads were displayed in the app.

AdMob Dissemination has an ad network tool that automatically adjusts the network within a single ad network with clusters to maximize revenue. It also takes advantage of the Google Mobile Ads SDK, which helps developers understand their users and increase ad revenue.


Like more betting, resources are a great way to make money and sit in front of your desk. You can start making money on one of the original options.

It can be easier for someone to get a job at Google by creating a website or video, creating a mobile app or answering a questionnaire. If you have any suggestions on how to make money with Google, please share them in the comments. I hope this information helps with the size.

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