Jurong Bird park Sightseeing – Paradise for exotic bird species

Do we have a bird lover among us? If yes, then you should come to Jurong Bird Park in Singapore – one of the best aviaries in the world and a paradise for exotic birds. Jurong Bird Park is one of the best bird watchers’ paradises in the world. The aviary is spread over an area of 50 acres and houses 250 different species of birds. Located on the Jurong Hill slopes, this aviary attraction has exotic birds like spoonbills, penguins flamingoes, parakeets, and Toucans you probably hadn’t seen before. If you have a Singapore tourist visa and are off to this stunning Asian destination soon, then check out this compact guide to give you an insight into this wonderful Singapore tourist spot which is an absolute must-visit!

Jurong Bird Park – Location

A chorus of chirps, tweets, coos, and squawks fill the air at Jurong Bird Park, a meticulously designed aviary tucked into the Jurong Hills wilderness in west of Singapore. It is a part of Mandai Wildlife Reserve and the park will soon be moved to Mandai Lake with other Mandai Wildlife Reserve projects. 

What is so special about Jurong Bird Park?

The park has the biggest diversity of birds in Asia. As one of Singapore top attractions, this stunning bird sanctuary has welcomed millions of tourists to experience nature’s unique feathery friends and is in its 51st year.  Currently, the park is home to over 5000 birds, some of which are so rare and endangered you’re unlikely to see them again. The Jurong Bird Park is a popular Singapore tourist attraction that kids absolutely love since there’s such a beautiful collection of birds from all over the world! 

Don’t miss out on these exotic experiences

Among Jurong Bird Park things to do list, ensure you visit these zones for an impressive experience:

Penguin Coast – The temperature-controlled Penguin Coast exhibit features four types of penguins: the Humboldt, the King Penguin, the Macaroni, and the Rockhopper. A flock of puffins keeps company with the penguins on nearby cliffs. Visitors can take a look at these fascinating creatures through 30 meters of unobstructed glass panels. Penguin enclosures are cooled, heated, and brightened according to the penguin’s biorhythms, and there is always fresh snow and ice so they are never bored. You can even watch penguins feed on fresh fish around 10.30 am and 3.30 pm. 

Flamingo Lake – Check out the biggest pink flamingo display in Asia ever! Flamingo Lake in Jurong Bird Park is where you can find these graceful creatures. It is home to many flamingo species, including Greater Flamingos, Chilean Flamingos, and Caribbean Flamingos. Observe them as they catch their prey from a still pool of water or idly wander around looking intriguingly at you from afar.

Waterfall Aviary – Singapore’s Jurong Bird Park has the world’s largest walk-in aviary. The Waterfall Aviary is 35 metres high and features one of the tallest man-made waterfalls in the world. It is so big you won’t even realize you are standing inside a man-made enclosure. This Jurong Bird Park waterfall has a suspended bridge where guests can observe the free-flying birds. If you desire to have a close-up or a better view of the waterfall, you can hike a gentle path along the stream to get to the colossal waterfall, or trek to one of two lookout points for a better view of the free-flying birds and the lush wilderness surrounds. 

Wings of Asia – The park has a collection of rare and exotic birds from all over Asia, some in enclosures and others roaming free. This aviary houses 500 birds representing 135 different species. A wide variety of endangered species of ducks, mynahs, pigeons, and more are taken good care in this well-landscaped aviary. Several critically endangered bird species, including the Bali myna, black-winged starling, the Luzon bleeding-heart dove, Asian fairy-bluebird, Asian glossy starling, and the Barred cuckoo-dove, have been kept thriving and some are even been successfully bred in the park. 

Best time to visit Jurong Bird Park 

The Jurong Bird Park is mainly an outdoor attraction, so it is best to visit during the months when it is pleasant to explore outdoors. Singapore has a weather that is accustomed to frequent downpours, especially in November and December. It’s best to visit Jurong Bird Park sightseeing in May, July and August when the ambience’s pleasant for the birds as well as visitors.  Most visitors spend 3 to 4 hours at the park. You never know when it’s going to rain or shine, so when you visit, slather on sunscreen and carry an umbrella. 

Entry ticket cost 

General Admission ticket costs SGD 38 per adult and SGD 25 per child (3 to 12 years). Tram service is included in your Jurong Bird Park admission .

Hours of operation

Jurong Bird Park is open from Thursdays to Sundays from 8.30 am till 6 pm. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, special measures have been taken as a precaution and to maintain good service. All visitors will have to adhere to the timed-entry procedure by booking the date and time online when they want to visit. This must be done even if the ticket is purchased at the gate. Entry is allowed into the park up to 45 minutes after the designated entry time, after which access is denied. However, you may spend as much time as you like once you are inside the park. 

You can turn one day of your Singapore trip into a wilderness day where you can try out Singapore’s finest nature attractions together, like Jurong Bird Park with the Singapore Zoo, or Night Safari Singapore to see birds and other wildlife up close.

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