Islamic Prayer Beads

If you are looking for affordable and high quality stone Islamic prayer beads – then you will find the perfect stone Islamic prayer beads in good prices online Joomla – from 14.5 to 22.5 USD. A wide variety of beautiful, available colors in catalog: Multicolor, Black, Gold, Grey, Red, White, yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, gray, Beige, Yellow, Green, Pearl, Copper, Porcelain, Satin, Leather, silk, Vibrant, Silvery, Metallic, Clear. Only the best quality materials available: Stone, wood, crystal, resin, metal, plastic, fiber, cloth, leather, high quality beads made from these materials only. Jewelry is a unique art form that evolved over centuries and it requires special skills.

It was believed that prayer beads were made by reciting a poem while putting the beads on the string. The recitation was said to bring blessings to the wearer. This method had some disadvantages like friction on the strings. However, nowadays we have technology that makes use of electric current. Moreover, we can now control all the equipment and make as many as we want without any hassle.


The tasbih is the traditional way of wearing Muslim jewelry in many countries such as Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and others in the world. The strings are put on the palm between the index finger and the thumb. Muslims use to wrap them around themselves as they perform prayers. The tradition began with the beard and has evolved to include other parts of the face, neck, ears and hands.

The most popular colors used in tasbih are white, silver, gold, and blue. They are also wrapped in a cloth to keep them away from moisture. Wearing them is believed to help in meditation.

Muslim Prayer beads are also used in beautifying the face. They are often put on the hair and scalp to keep them tidy and beautiful. The imitations are used as a facial makeup. The women use them for decoration, hair accessories and face powder. Some of the religious faces include: Badu, Allah, Rakau, Muwashma, Kabbalah, and Hajj.

Islamic prayer beads

Islamic prayer beads can also be used as an amulet. They can be given to your family members to keep them safe from evil. Also they can be used for good purposes such as for protecting your home from thieves.

When buying prayer beads, the quality is important. There are many imitations available but not all of them are true. They don’t have the same meaning and purpose as the original ones. You should always choose to buy genuine products so that they can bring you both spiritual peace and good luck. You can find these products at online stores too.

Islamic prayer beads are available on e-stores too. They offer a wide variety of beautiful designs in metal, wood and ceramic. This way, you will be able to select the one you like the most. So visit an e-store and find the right one for you today.

Islamic beads come in different colors. They include Gold, Silver, White Gold, Copper, Ceramic, Glass, and Beaded glass. The bead can be made from a mixture of various materials or from just one. The main purpose of prayer beads is to spread the message of Islam through decoration.

Tasbeeh beads can be worn by women of all ages. They are very attractive pieces of jewelry. When they combine with outfits, they look fabulous and complement almost every Muslim look.

beautiful beads

These beautiful beads are usually available in different shapes and sizes. They come in round, oval, square, teardrop, heart, and other geometrical shapes. They also come in different colors. They may be white, red, blue, pink, green, brown, and other natural hues.

Islamic beads are available in different price ranges. They are affordable to every budget. There are many online stores where you can purchase these beautiful prayer beads. They are sold at discounted rates. There are many reputed companies that sell these beautiful Islamic beads at affordable prices and also provide quality service. read more

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