Is Live Shopping the Right Move for Your Business in 2021?

Earlier Live videos were excessively used for entertainment purposes only but today these are being leveraged as a business growth tool. Because of enormous economic alteration in 2020, more and more brands are now seeing the benefit of Live Shopping for their growth. The trend of live shopping is not a new concept anymore. It has been in the market long before the pandemic hit the world. Started from China, it soon gained traction in the western parts of the world. The brick and mortar stores that were hugely impacted because of store closures starting opting for such live shopping solutions to sell their products directly from their live shop.

According to experts, in 2021 there will be a huge surge in live videos coupled with real-time shopping. The reason behind this is that more and more brands will continue to embrace this trend of live online shopping to help boost sales amidst the unpredictability of a global economic crisis.

Live streaming e-commerce isn’t just about increasing sales conversion rates instead it is bound to bring a host of benefits to a business such as:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Establishing brand authenticity
  • Building trust in your brand
  • Saving on time, cost, and effort
  • Creating stronger relationships with your customers

Creating a Live Video Shopping Strategy

Go live well and hosting a successful live shopping show requires proper planning and thus you need to follow the right strategies before you go LIVE. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you rock your show.

Be mindful of live video audio and lighting

Unlike a pre-recorded video, there are no take-backs during a live shopping show, everything happens in real-time thus you really want to be sure to have the right live video audio and lighting setup.

Choosing the right Host:

Choosing the right host is very important for your show to be successful. A host can be anyone an influencer, staff employee, brand ambassador, industry expert, or the store owner himself/herself. A host should be confident enough to engage with audiences and build that excitement.
Tip: Making an eye-contact with your customers plays a very important role so instead of looking at yourself on a screen, make sure to look directly into the camera. This way you appear more honest and your words are more likely to be remembered!

Engage with your streamers in real-time:

A live shopping show is all about interacting with your buyers and retaining them till the end of a show. For instance, live chat is a great way to increase customer engagement and viewership during your live shopping show.

Here is how you can engage your buyers during your live shopping show:

– Ask right questions
– Calling your customers out by their names is a great way to get them involved and show them they matter
– Set your agenda
– Encourage buyers to ask questions
– Indulge in activities like hosting interviews and live contests, offering flash sales and coupons, etc
– Host quiz and Q&A sessions
– Host product unboxing sessions

Consider your live streaming ecommerce platform
Choosing the right live streaming ecommerce platform will eventually meet your business goals. Hence you need to be mindful while deciding for the same. Livestream plugin for Shopify is one such option that allows you to go live and charge real money for it. With our live shopping solution, you can build your own online store on Shopify and host professional live shopping shows and generate sales.

Marketing ahead of time
It is always essential to build curiosity around your live show well ahead of time. Market on your existing social channels and adopt other marketing strategies to raise awareness about your show.

Here are a few of the top promotion tactics to tackle before your live show:

– Be clear about essential live show details
– Build anticipation
– Create a virtual countdown
– Offer incentives

Nowadays, live video shopping can be an incredibly potent tool for brands. However, due to the authentic nature of livestream e-commerce and its overwhelming popularity, the competition on the market is so high. Every brand wants to get on to this technology and generate sales. In this article, we have covered some of the best strategies to help you host your live show successfully.

This is an opportunity for Shopify owners to connect with their buyers authentically and boost their top lines. For more, you can get in touch with us at .

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